New and confused

Good evening, having just had my second smear test I have been sent a letter from my GP saying that there abnormalities in my cervix and I have tested positive for warts and virus.

On speaking with the nurse who did my smear she has confirmed that there are mild changes and positive HPV results.

I am waiting on a Colposcopy appt as I type.

Ive joined the forum as I'm so scared as know nothing about what's happening. How worried should I be? I feel really nervous and upset but don't know whether I'm over reacting.

Any advice would be great!

Thanks everyone. x

Hi & welcome :)

It's such a worry when you have a result of anything other than normal so I feel for you. 

If it helps I can tell you my experience of abnormal results (sounds like we are in a similar position). I had my 2nd smear test in April which came back as low grade dyskaryosis and high risk hpv (like most, I had a mini freak out). I then had a colposcopy just over a week later. i was worried about having it but really didn't need to be as all the staff were wonderful & extremely reassuring. the whole procedure was just like a longer smear test- the colposcopist spoke me through it all and told me she could only see mild changes and took a biopsy. The results came back as Cin 1 and high risk hpv (so just as the smear said)- with these results they adopt the watch & wait protocol and I will just have another smear in 12 months as the majority of the time your body can clear it itself. for my own peace of mind, I feel a year is a long wait so will have a private test at 6 months to make sure I'm on the right track. 

Hpv is so common and I felt upset and ashamed when I leant I had it but after reading lots about it, it sounds like it's as common as a cold and unless you have an abnormal smear nobody seems to know they have it. 

really hope these puts your mind at ease slightly and fingers crossed it all goes well for you. Xx