Smear test results borderline abnormal and HPV positive

I know I'm not the only one prob freaking out over results like I just got and I know the world is going thro a crisis right now but second I looked at my letter saying I am positive for HPV and borderline abnormal cells and need further tests I have been numb I just keep looking at my kids and crying. Anyone have any positive stories can give me with same results I got? 

Hi smile

firstly coming from the worlds most anxious and biggest worrier I'd say don't read google and stick with this site it helped me so much .. don't panic I really have never seen anybody diagnosed with CC from a borderline result .. im not a GP but I think borderline is equivalent to cin 1... they don't even treat cin 1 they just watch and wait because if your body clears the HPV virus the cells can get better ... they will take a biopsy at colposcopy it will feel like a nip and send it away and if it comes back more than cin 1 .. then you will receive llletz I had high grade HPV and moderate changes they found cin 3 and I'm ok .. 

honestly honestly please don't worry it will .. and you will be fine big hugs xx

From the bottom.of my heart thank you so much for replying. You have no idea how much it has put me at ease tonight. I am the world's biggest anxious nervous wreck and I think with all that's happening in the world I'm worried they will put my appointment on the back burner I don't mean to sound selfish I jjst want it over and done with.  have to wait and see I guess but thank you so so much for taking the time to respond to me it really means alot. 

You are in exactly the same position as me. HPV+ and normal last year. This year HPV+ and cell changes.  Been referred for colposcopy but not sure if it will happen.

I have health anxiety got a permanent headache. Let me know how you get on x

Your so so welcome and anytime you feel anxious or worried I'm here !!! 

I promise you in January I'd never had an abnormal smear before and I'm 41... I got a letter saying I had HPV and high grade moderate dyskariosis .. I have an autistic 4 yr old and I made myself ill with worry I thought that's me I'll have CC .. how will my hubby cope I don't want to die etc etc .. I lay awake endlessly reading people with the same results as me and there outcome .. I drove the GP's at work crazy !! My family crazy I lost 6 pound in weight couldn't eat either .. so I promise you I know how anxious this is .. 

i went for colposcopy two wks later and they put my mind at rest told me to book a holiday then before I left the room she said so those biopsys will take 4 wks unlikely to be cancer but if it is it will be very early and very treatable !!!!  thought great 4 more weeks of this .. I also had loop excision and biopsy at same time and apart from 2 weeks of discharge that smelt like vegetable water I had no problems no bleeding nothing ... 

so 6 weeks it took for the letter to drop on my doormat with the results it was cin 3 all removed to an adequate level and smear in 6months so there you go I was planning my funeral ! And now I'm ok ! I had  severe changes and by the way borderline is before cin 1so your not even a cin yet so even better news for you ... stay safe during lock down and stop worrying .. and if you need me just message anytime if you want to send me a private message I'll txt u my number to make it easier for you !!

best wishes xxx

Hi Ali sorry iv had problems logging on here it wouldn't let me for some reason! Just wanted to say I'm here for you just like the amazing other lady on this thread who has put my mind at ease no end!! I have my coloscopy (prob didn't spell that right) tommorow and I will keep you updated. I too thought I wouldn't get an appointment for ages because of the Corona virus but they seem to be doing them all on time if not before. Once I got the letter through so quick it sent me into another downward spiral but just want it done now. We are in this together and I promise I will update tommorow xx

Thank you. Sorry if you have already said but what was your smear result? I am so anxious and can't bear the thought of waiting due to this bloody virus! 

Lots of luck for tomorrow xx

My smear came back HPV positive and borderline changes to cells. And thank you xx 

Hi I had exactly the same results as you , had to go for colposcopy which just confirmed that changes were borderline and hpv, and then to have another smear 12 months later . 12 months later the hpv had gone and no borderline cells. At the time I had the initial diagnosis I was convinced no way I could fight off the hpv and get better . But that is what the odds are in favour of . It might have made no difference but I made sure to take vitamins , came off the pill so had normal cycles and tried to eat a bit healthy . Best of luck and the odds are massively in your favour.