abnormal result, borderline, hpv. very scared!

hi everyone.  I'm new to this group so bear with me if I make mistakes!  currently sat in my car with my mind going at 100mph.  my last smear 6 years ago was normal, and as a working mum of 5, I let time roll on until I couldn't avoid the smear any longer. 

it went absolutely fine and doc said I 'looked perfect ' down there. fast forward to an hour ago, and a letter with the words 'borderline changes,  changes in cells, some evidence of hpv' pops through my door. 

I'm simply gobsmacked and utterly terrified.  I'm to wait for a colposcopy. yep, because sitting and waiting for an appointment is gonna be easy.

I'd love to hear from anyone with words of advise or has a similar story to tell. 

Hi Denny , im Nick. 

I felt exactly the same when the letter came through. 

The first thing I thought was I have cancer !! The next thing I did was google everything , this takes you to all the cancer pages which in my head meant it must be cancer. 

The next thing I thought my partner had cheated ! 

All my smears have always came back normal and tbh I am absoloutely terrified.

I have read all of the information on here about cell changes/ HPV etc.

I found this has helped a little as it did answer some of my questions. 

I have my colposcopy Monday ( 12) days after smear results.

I will let you know how I got on if you want. 

Hope you get your appt soon as the waiting is very difficult and if you are anything like me you just want to know what you are dealing with. 

You will not find all of the answers you are looking for on the internet. Trust me I have tried and I dont want you to waste as much energy as I have. 

Hope everything goes ok for you 

Nick x

  • Borderline is very small changes .  colposcopy will just check everything to see if matches up with the smear result which mostly it does. I had the severe dyskaroysis cin 3 in a very small area. Treated with Loop , 6 months later all clear of HPV and the cells , so please try not to Google the answers you will not find very good answers there instead I do suggest to research on like here and cancer research about cells and HPV etc . My cervix too looked "normal" at the original smear test 6 months ago this is so tiny that the changes can only be seen by colposcopy nurse once she puts a special vinager solution on the cervix and then can look through her massive zoom lens. Please try not to worry too much, your in the system now x

Oh and all my smears prior to this were normal x