Confused . . .Shocked . . .Scared

Hello all,


I am new here, and have joined in search of reassurance, help and a better understanding of what I discovered today.


This morning I woke up with a 'spring in my step'; so much to do, with a smile on my face. The post came and starring at me was a letter addressed to me. The letter looked rather official, so I quickly opened it assuming it would be (and hoping) nothing too serious. But BAM . . NHS Cervical Screening Result!I quickly skim read the letter, only to see the words ''Borderline Changes'', and positive result for HPV. I saw those words, and I immediately burst into tears.  I didn't know who to talk to (still don't tbh), where to go, what to read, those words just starred back at me from the letter as the tears rolled down my face. I was planning on going a holiday middle of March for my birthday, but I don't know what to do for the best, since the waiting times for an appointment (Colopscopy) can take sometime. I haven't even told my Parents, as I know they will freak out especially as they live abroad! I just don't want to worry them unnecessarily.


Why have I written this? Well like everyone else here, really, just some clarity I guess, of what will be happening to me next. My head has felt foggy, fuzzy allday, leaving me unable to think properly.


Your responses would be much appreciated.


Thank you all in advance.


Hi there, try not to panic! Its only natural to be worried by your result but youhave come to the right place for support, all the girls here are fantastic. HPV is a new test as it has been discovered it is the main culprit for causing cervical changes and most women carry it at some point in their lives, in the past borderline results were retested in 6 months but nowerdays if you are positive for hpv they send you straight to colposcopy, this means they can have a better look and make sure that the smear test didnt miss anything and honestly, this is a good thing.


There is lots of info on this site which is reliable and trustworthy so try to avoid googling, it will just stress you out more. Its natural to be worried but please try not to stress too much, borderline changes are the very mildest and often return to normal by themseves with out the need for treatment, my friend had the same results as you and was fine, no biopsies or treatment needed. If your colposcopy shows that you do need treatment then we are all here for you to lean on if you need to.

Hi Niki,

Many thanks for your response.

I tried to do a bit of research on it earlier, but I just got really confused with everything, and then Google started flagging things up, and I thought for my own anxiety and stress levels, it was best I didn't research anymore! When I had my first Smear (Jan 2011), I think I just missed the introduction of the new HPV testing, which is why back then my result came back fine. But now 3 years later, it has flagged up positive for it, although I have 'Borderline Changes' ! My only concern is how long have I had it? :/

I am also debating whether or not to book my holiday? I know it probably sounds like the most ridiculous thing to be thinking about right now, although it is taking my mind off it slightly, but I need to know by Tuesday. Do I go ahead and book anyway, or seek advise from the Nurse who did the Smear, or my registered GP? My head feels so fuzzy right now!! Can't think straight!!

I have been reading the many blog posts on the forum, and I admire so many of you who are very strong and so helpful. So I will definitely be visiting the forum often and reading up on the information posted here, rather than turning to good ol' Google!

Hello lovely! 

I say book your holiday anyway!

Lets face it we all love a good holiday and a de-stress is in your favor. 

I cant really say dont worry because I did the same when my first results came through which were the same as yours and my reaction was the same too! 

I googled myself silly and obsessed it with. I also spoke to two doctors to get my head round it.

Turns out its so different for everyone so its hard to offer advice for. 

I do know that what ever happens now, you are being seen to and it is being delt with. And that is amazing. If there is the slightest concern about any cells they don't take any messing and they get it sorted.

Sorry for rambling! 

Take a deep breath. Book your holiday and try to stay positive :) 


Hello hun! I had the exact same results as you and it was a big shock as I was just expecting them to be normal as I've never had any symptoms or ever really been ill - I would say I had a pretty good immune system. So, I had my colposcopy which was fine! It is a lot more daunting to look at than it actually is. She explained to me before she did the examination that I had the high risk type HPV and told me where on the chart I am as in the earlier and mildest form of changes to the cells. Whilst she was examining me, it wasn't painful, just slightly uncomfortable but nothing worse than a smear, it just lasts a bit longer. She told me whilst examining me that she 'couldn't really see much' and that she thinks it's just the HPV that's present as it was the tiniest bit I'm guessing. She took 2 biopsies anyway just to check! Now, the waiting really IS the worst part.. I drove myself crazy for the weeks leading up to my result, so I went to London for a week with my boyfriend and it helped take my mind off it. When I got home my results were there.. I was shaking to say the least! The results came back 'CIN1 with no further treatment needed' and referred me back for a smear in 12 months time! I phoned to make sure this was the usual procedure and she said yes, they give the cells a chance to go back to normal on their own as the mildest form tend to go back to normal after about 12-18 months. If my smear shows the same in a years time then I will have another follow up, or it has progressed, I'll have treatment. But I've heard 90% of the time, it regresses on it's own without treatment. So dont worry hun! They will do all they can for you and you're at the mildest form of changes which isn't anything to worry about. I just upped my vitamin intake in hopes of kicking this HPV virus out my system! Good luck hun, hope I have helped :) big hugs xxx

 . .So I called my Dr today, requesting to speak with the Nurse who did the Smear, as the letter states, ''If I wish to speak to the Nurse who took the smear, I can ask for that''. But I was told I have to speak with the Duty Nurse! Fair enough! The Duty Nurse called and asked what I was ringing for (even though I told the Receptionist what my call was regarding). Anyway I explained my concerns and etc, and I don't think the Nurse listened to me properly, as she instantly started saying ''Yes, yes Borderline changes is nothing to worry about; you'll be called in 6 months time''. I said ''No, my letter states I'll be receiving a letter from Colposcopy unit inviting me to attend a further smear . .she said ''Oh, yes, so I see. Well they're just checking to see what exactly has shown up on the smear, make sure no nasties are lurking about and etc''. The Nurse then used the Ezcema example, as a way of explaining the HPV; ''It's a bit like Ezcema; if you were to have ''active ezcema'' and I was to take a swab of your hand and send it to the lab, this would show on results. So it's the same sorta thing''! . .

The Nurse did say however that I am to go ahead and book my holiday anyway, as she said by then my case will be dealt with. Even though I have just been onto my local hospital website, and it says average waiting time for a Colposcopy appt. is 9 weeks, which is right in the middle of when I wouldn't be in the country!!! :/ I have still not mentioned a word to my mum, and I desperately want to but I am scared of what she'll say, do. Scared she'll give me a lecture as she always said to me ''You shouldn't be having sex at such a young age'' (started at 18); regret not listening to her now :(

This has only been 48 hours, and already it's doing my head in, in the sense that I can't concentrate properly, or sleep very well! :(

Bless you hun. So easy for the nurses to just shrug it off like it's nothing, when it's not them that is having to deal with it. As for having sex at 18, that's not too young at all, that's good. Especially as so many young women are having sex nowadays at a much younger age.. 13, 14year olds etc. It honestly doesn't make a difference what age you are when you have your first sexual experience, it not takes one person to contract HPV, and around 90% of people will come into contact with one or more types of HPV in their lifetimes. Some show no signs at all, others have mild changes and others have more severe. It really varies from person to person. There isn't much known about HPV at all and that's the worry we all face as nothing seems to be clear. However, any early mild changes can regress and go back to normal usually within a year, even IF it progresses, it is a slow process and it would be many years before it turned into anything more sinister and they would have caught anything early as you're in the system now and they will keep an eye on you to catch any early changes. I won't say don't worry because you will, but I will say keep yourself busy and book your holiday! Enjoy yourself! You have nothing to worry about. You are at the same stage as me I would say, and they decided to leave me alone for a year so my body has a chance to fight off the virus and the cells can regress. I worried myself sick in the beginning, but I don't worry anymore, I will just deal with anything when it happens :) enjoy your holiday and enjoy your sleep! Your body will need the sleep as that's when your cells do the most repairing :) take care hun x

Yes, I know, but just think if I had waited or something then I may not be going through this now. But then again, it only takes one encounter to contract HPV. It's just really frustrating more than anything to be honest :(. I haven't been a well person from the age of 25; back and forth to hospital for various appointments, examinations, and I'm just fed up of it, and now im going back again. I am glad however that I am in the system, and whatever it is that is giving trouble, can be sorted before it gets nasty.

I am trying to keep myself busy so it takes my mind off things, as the minute I find myself doing nothing, I start to overthink things and panic. However I do have a bit of an update; I called the Colposcopy unit yesterday, and I said that the Nurse advised me to call you and get an appt. now as I intend to go on holiday. She tried to say it'll take 6weeks for an appt. to come through, so kinda stressed, that I wanted to get things going before then, so she booked me an appiontment for 17th Feb, so 2 wk wait!! I have also booked my holiday yesterday too, so I think the break will definitely take my mind off things, the other side of the world!