abnormal results

Hello everyone im new here and here as I received the results for my first smear results this morning. Ive been told that I have borderline changes and there is strong evidence I have HPV so I will need to attend a colposcopy appointment which I will receive within the next 3 weeks. I contacted my GP to ask if she knew which grade of CIN I had but she told me she had no details and that everything will now be dealt with by tje local colposcopy clinic. I really felt like I wanted a little more support to be honest but in all fairness to her my minds in a whirl and I cant really explain where I am right now. Im totally dismayed and feeling so sad. Im hoping someone understands how Im feeling haha as things may make more sense.

Sorry for the ramble. Im just feeling pretty empty and need to get my thoughts out

Im so grateful too all who read this post.

Many best wishes and health to you all 

Ashley xxx

Hi Ashley Jane 

Sorry to hear about your results I have just been through exactly the same . Had my colposcopy in December and some treatment in march . Had severe changes and HPV. Can understand how totally lost and sad you feel right now . It's a shock but things do get a bit clearer when you get your head around things tho it does take time . This site really helped me and the people on here are fantastic . It somehow helped me not to feel so alone . Try to surround yourself with family and friends - couldn't have got through it without them , especially my mum who was with me at both appointments . Try not to worry about the colposcopy . I did , it took over in my mind but i honestly found it not to be as bad as I thought . The same goes if you have any treatment . You will find the staff at the hospital are lovely , ask them any questions you have . I had a lovely consultant - really put me at ease. For me the worst shock was the HPV - for me personally , I got my results last Thursday , and although all is clear for now and a smear in September , , it made me re evaluate my relationship ( that was) and I'm now getting my thoughts together more . You will feel better , it does get better with time .

I do wish you all the best , and always here to chat

Lorna xx

Nov 14 - abnormal smear - severe dyskaryosis- high risk HPV

Dec 14 - colposcopy and biopsy 

March 15- LLETZ procedure - confirmed CIN3 -results 2/4/15 all clear review in September and test also for HPV 

Hi Ashley jane,

My story is exactly the same as Staycalm... borderline with HPV and despite my usual calmness, i was a complete wreck. I just got my results today and, exactly the same, i have 'minor viral changes' which have effectively been treated to an extent at colposcopy (i had the area cauterised because I was bleeding uncontrollably) although my consultant was confident that they could easily go back to normal in time.  Now my next follow up is in 6 months.

Its not easy to just stay calm in the mean time but try to feel some reassurance that you are going to have it all dealt with... on a side note, i had cin1 18months ago which is no longer present without any treatment whatsoever....

All the best!

Hi Ashley Jane. 

my smear came back wiv high grade Which I totally freaked out about but I had my colposcopy within 5 days of my letter. I to am terrified about smears and all things like that but it honestly isn't really that bad- little bit uncomfortable but it was fine. I had two biopsys taken and now have to wait 4 weeks for the results! The wait is the worse thing coz I just want to know wits wrong and how to sort it out. I'm sure u will be ok as ig they borderline then the cells normally sort them selfs out. As for the HPV I'm not sure on? But as the ladies in here have said try not to panic (easier said then done) but just try to keep busy untill u know everything. 

Hope all goes well for u. Xxx

Hello everyone thankyou so much for all your replies, im so sorry for the delay lots of stuff has been going on in my life since I first posted (lots of horrid distractions!) Like this wasnt enough :-) but its now time Im going for my colposcopy tomorrow. Times flown really and Im really terrified but Im sure I will be fine as you all say so thanks to u all Im fingers crossed and optimistic! Well I will probably update over the next few days, but really thankyou all so much. May u live long and prosper xxxxx


I have the same result as yours..I have just received my smear result yesterday and it terrifies me.I can't think straight now...I'm really scared..My mind is filled with negative thoughts now...And looking into the dates you posted your stories it was last year.so by now I'm sure you already have the your coloscopy result and the treatment you need for it...I will be happy if one of you will reply to me and tell me how did it goes and how are you guys right now...hope you're all good and very relieved now....I'm really hoping for a reply since you experience it months ahead than me..


Thank you

Hi Marie, 

i was in your position come up to a year ago.. Panicked by the results and probably thinking the worse. The good news is that borderline results are kind of the best to have (if they have to be abnormal). My were low grade dyskaryosis which are pretty much the same as borderline. I was sent for a colposcopy. it really is just a thorough smear (takes around 15 minutes). The likely hood is that you won't receive any immediate treatment. they will take a biopsy of any abnormal looking area and you'll receive a letter a few weeks later with your results and if any treatment is needed. If the results come back as CIN 2 or higher then you'll require a lletz. If they come back CIN 1 or lower you will be recalled again in a year for a smear as the majority of the time these changes can clear themselves. 

Hope this helps. Xx