Smear test came back abnormal

I’m new to this, being so young and knowing all this is happening is makes me sad,mad, overwhelmed. My doctor told me that needed a coloposcy done, which i will be getting done. Im at the CIN 1 still mild but knowing that you are on that borderline it kinda sucks. Im digesting all this for now but if any of you can help a woman out and make me feel better that be great. This is all new to me and i been doing my research and tryonb to make myself feel better but the more i over think it i panic. But it be nice to know those that already been through this help a girl out. Thank you!

Hi, I'm not sure I can help much,  but it sounds as if we are in similar situations. I'm 24 and had my 1st smear done 2 weeks ago. I've now found out I have high risk HPV and borderline cell changes and am awaiting a colposcopy. Like you, i have been worrying ever since, particularly about the chances of fertility issues if treatment is needed. I'd just like to wish you the best of luck with your colposcopy and treatment if you require it, and hope you find the help your looking for here, sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Xx