Abnormal Cells and HPV picked up

good evening everyone. I'm new to this site and have arrived here after receiving a letter today from the hospital informing me I need a colposcopy within 2 weeks. I hadnt had any results from my smear. I called the doctors who confirmed low grade abnormalities and HPV positive. The test is when i am on holiday so I now have to wait 4 weeks. I'm sure most of you know the worry of the unknown and I just feel so alone with it all. I am more worried that they want to see me so soon as that makes me feel like its bad! I suppose I'm just getting my fears down in writing and just hoping that someone has some words of wisdom/advice. 


Thanks so much x

Hey I had the same result in January I went for my colposcopy I cried all the way through it as I was scared 

But they told me my result could be down to having a baby 3months before and my immune system wasn't strong

Enough to fight it off but when I go back in 12 months from the date it should be normal but I still drive myself mad 

Every day thinking is it gonna be the same or worser even tho I was reassured that hpv is common and the lady who did

My colposcopy told me she has it aswell good luck 

It's so scary isn't it Gemma. We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to our health and worrying. The very best of luck with everything xx