Smear results only slightly abnormal but gynaecologist referred to urgent colposcopy - confused

I’m a 26-year-old woman and I’ve been having regular smears since I was 18 (due to amenorrhea I experienced as a teenager, which was caused by an eating disorder). I’ve always had clear smears and no HPV before. I’ve also a transvaginal ultrasound twice (at age 18 and 24) because of my irregular periods, with no issues detected.

However, since December I’ve been experiencing some light spotting after having sex with my boyfriend - it’s basically just some pink discharge visible on the condom, but nothing in my underwear. Although the symptom is mild, it got me concerned enough to book an appointment with a gynaecologist. I also received an appointment for my regular smear test, so I had that done 3 weeks ago and was just waiting for results.

When I went to the gynaecologist last week, she said that my cervix looks almost normal but she can see something slightly concerning. She asked a more senior doctor to come have a look at it, and the other doctor described a part of my cervix as looking slightly bumpy and pigmented. Because of the visual change as well as the spotting I descibed, I was referred to urgent colposcopy, which has been booked for February 6 (next Monday).

While waiting for the colposcopy appointment, I just received my smear results today. It says I am HPV positive (for the first time), and low-grade dyskariosis has been detected, so a colposcopy is recommended. Obviously it’s good that I’m already scheduled for the colposcopy, but now I can’t help feeling very nervous and confused about what’s going on.

I thought that low-grade dyskariosis doesn’t usually cause visible symptoms, but the gynaecologist referred me for a colposcopy under the 2-week cancer pathway. Does this mean it’s possible that I actually have high-grade dyskariosis that wasn’t detected by the smear? Or is it more likely that there is something else going on in my cervix that could be causing the visual changes and spotting, such as ectropion? I feel really worried waiting for the appointment. Has anyone else experienced something similar? How did it go?

Not necassarily, precancerous changes cant be seen with the naked eye without the solution that is applied at the colposcopy to reveal them i had CIN3 that didnt show itself until after the solution was applied, what they have seen cant be a CIN and is likely to be something else… ectropions are the usual culprits lol

You can also be on the 2 ww cancer pathway without them actually suspecting cancer… as silly as that sounds lol but in this case its more that they are covering their own backs than them thinking anything untoward

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I too have bump and its called a nablothian cyst all benign.they never turn funny it could be that.