advice please - upcoming colposcopy

Hi everybody,

I’m new to this site & im wondering if anyone has any advice for me, I don’t know where else to turn…

I had a smear 2 weeks ago today & this morning I had a phone call from the colopscopy clinic asking me to arrange an appointment to attend their clinic as my smear results have come back abnormal, needless to say I am very frightened, I phoned my mum right away, but haven’t told my partner yet as he away and I don’t want to worry him,

I was diagnosed with a strain of HPV around 2/3 years ago & was wondering if this would flag up as the abnormalitie on the smear as it may not have cleared?..

Needless to say I am very upset, scared, worried, worried about my children etc… I’m only 25.

What happens at a colposcopy?
Kind regards

Hi Laura. At a colposcopy they take a closer look at your cervix to see what the issue is. It could be a very mild abnormality. It could be hpv or borderline changes. Can you speak to your gp who might have further info about the result? The abnormal cells aren't usually cancerous but they may take biopsies and may remove some cells.

it all sounds very scary and everyone here has been through similar experience.

my smear came back as abnormal - high grade dyskaryosis. At colposcopy I was told it didn't look like cancer. I had the cells removed by loop diathermy (also known as LLETZ) I'm currently waiting for the biopsy results to confirm the level of abnormality) it's still hard not to think the worst that they might find a tiny bit of microscopic cancer! The waiting and the not knowing is the hardest.

hope you get some answers soon!

Hi Nat, 


thank you for your reply, I spoke to my GP this a & he said its flagged  as a borderline change, I don't know what this is, I've had a quick look on the internet & it keeps mentioning cervical cancer & im very scared to carry on reading About it, I found this forum & some of the answers have been so helpful with some of my questions.


my smear was on the 8th March & I have only just received a phone call today, and I am booked in for the 14th April, I have since told my partner who is understandably worried sick despite reassuring me everything will be ok. 

Did they tell you you had the high grade from your results after the smear or did you find out at the colposcopy? 


Kind ragards 


They told me high grade in smear result. Confirmed as severe at colposcopy. 

Borderline changes will be just that. Mild. Very unlikely to be cancer just as mine is unlikely to be cancer even though classed as severe. It's just pre cancerous cells that may never even develop into to cancer. The fact that they could is why mine were removed.

doesn't make any of this any easier though does it! 

Stick around here there are plenty of people to share your concerns and experiences

hi there,

i actually am going through the same thing right now. I had my first abnormal pap in March 2015. My doctor told me to repeat it in 4 months in case it was a fluke(theres other random things that can cause a pap to be abnormal) which I did. it came back abnormal again but somehow I ended up not repeating the pap until almost a year later, which was February 23rd of this year. Called me in to discuss my results, which he said was ASCUS(means abnormal cells with no indication as to what they could be). So he scheduled me for a colposcopy on March 17th. The reason he is usually worried about me is the amount of cancer in my family.

 Needless to say I was a nervous wreck but the colposcopy wasn't even that bad. It was just like an extended Pap smear where they look closer through a thing that looks like a microscope attached to binoculars and also with a bright light. He talked me through every step as he did it. They use a vinegar solution to make it turn white so they can see better. Then they use iodine to help see even further. The Dr. took 4 biopsies from my cervix. That feel like someone pinching my insides. Then he held gauze to the areas to stop bleeding and applied a cauterizing solution of some sort. The whole thing took about 20 mins and 10 of that was stopping bleeding and talking. 

About 3 days after the procedure I had a severe allergic reaction to the liquid they use to stop the bleeding after the biopsies. My whole labia and vulva was completely swollen, very red and itchy. I could barely sit down or close my legs. Then I started to peel. Had to go back to my Dr. and have him prescribe me something for that. 

Meanwhile, I finally got my results 2 weeks after the colposcopy. I have CIN1.. he had already discussed with me the meaning of all of this, the options etc but right off the bat he wants me to have cryotherap. I'm just confused because i thought they didn't treat for CIN1 right away...

this definitely has me a little scared because maybe there's something more he isn't telling me. after my experience with the colposcopy I'm just really depressed. I don't know how I'll react, how it'll feel, or should I wait.

What if I wait and it gets worse?? He told me to think on my options, I can do the cryo and see if that removes the cin or I can have a repeat Colposcopy in 6 months. That thought is even more depressing than the Cryo. I just feel so sad that I want to cry throughout the day at work, I haven't been eating much because I lost my appetite. I just started and I'm already exhausted of all these words and terms I never even knew about before. But I know there's so many women struggling through worse than this so I'm trying to keep in mind that this is all for my own health and peace of mine.

That's all we can do. Try to remain positive.