First Smear Mild Dyskariosis & High Risk HPV - Frightened

Hi, I have recently had my first smear which came back abnormal. Mild Dyskariosis with high risk HPV.i had this done whilst being treated for a Cervical Ectropian which was causing abnormal bleeding in between periods. For that reason they said my smear may come back insufficient or slightly abnormal. However I have been referred for a Colposcopy in a couple of weeks time. I am absolutely frightened to death and basically just wanted to hear some positive experiences to try and put my mind at rest - As I’m sure you know google is not the place to ask these questions!

Basically can a Colposcopy show something worse than my smear results or are they looking to make sure what they’ve found is what they think it is.

I am only 24 and I have two young babies so the thought is petrifying for me ☹️


Thanks in advance x

Hiya, so sorry to hear that you have had an abnormal result. A colposcopy involves taking a closer look at the cervix. The doctor may put a solution on your cervix to check your cells and they may take a sample from you. At this stage just take deep breaths until you know what's what. If you have any questions for the doctor try and write them down and take the to your appointment. Good luck!