High grade changes-panicking

i I hope I am posting on the right section I am just after some help and advise.

I am nearly 28 and in April I went to the Dr’s after a couple of irregular bleeds (which I haven’t had since) and bleeding after sex. The Dr thought it was erosion of the cervix and to see how it went. The bleeding after sex continued so I went back and she referred me to a gynaecologist. At my consultation the gynaecologist also thought it was this but said she would also do a smear as I would soon be due my second one anyway. And that I would probably just need the cells cauterising to stop the bleeds and she would send me for a scan to check for polyps.

A week later I went for my scan and all was fine. Last week I got a letter for a colopscopy appointment even though I had never had the results of my smear sent to me. I went for my appointment and the Dr told me I had severe abnormal cells changes on my smear. I was in complete shock and the first thing I thought of was cancer. She told me she could do the treatment there and then so I agreed and she took away the cells and cauterised the area.

I was really upset during the whole appointment more out of shock. The Dr told me that she was 99% sure it wasn’t cancer as it didn’t look like it which should reassure me, but all I can think is that I have had the bleeding which is common symptom of cervical cancer and that the Dr is going to be wrong.

Any reassurance and advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks Kay

Hi Kay_88

I had a similar experience just last week. Turned 28 in July and booked my smear as it was three years since my last one (Which was also my first one)

The results of my first smear showed low grade dyskariosis and i was told by my gp that it was unlikely for the cells to develop and was told to wait until my next smear.

Three years later i had my second. I recieved the results on Tuesday. Severe dyskariosis. I was referred straight away to the hospital for a colposcopy where it was confirmed, I had a large amount of abnormal cells. So the doctor gave me a local anaesthetic, took a biposy and did the LEEP procedure. 

I was told the biopsy results will take two weeks and I'll have to have another smear in 6months.

I am still sore from the procedure and terrified! 

Thank you for posting. It seems like a lot of people are going through a similar thing. Strangely I have not been sore after my procedure at all so far. Think I have been quite lucky.

The hospital have told me it's likely to be 4 to 6 weeks before Ihear back from them and I have been told if everything is fine I will have 6 monthly smears. 

Fingers crossed that's all we both need xx

Hi ladies,

After 20 years of 'normal' smears, I had my first abnormal smear result recently (moderate) and had a LLETZ on 26th July after the colposcopy confirmed the weird cells.  I was worried initially (probably because it was so unexpected) but our occupational health nurse at work said it's incredibly common and called the cells 'confused about what they should be doing' so removing them was extremely effective. This made me feel much better.

I too was told by the hospital that it's likely to be 4 to 6 weeks before the results although the nurse said it looked like CIN2; my leaflet I was given just after the procedure said I had been discharged back to the GP for a follow up smear in 6 months so I was comforted by that.

I don't seem to have suffered much after the procedure, some bleeding which was heavy after about a week but seems to have eased off now.  Talking about it with my female colleagues has helped as well - a daughter of my colleague went through the same thing a few years ago and she's absolutely fine.  My boss is overdue for her check up so she's been spurred on to make an appointment!

I hope you're feeling better by the second, hopefully we'll all be fine and putting this behind us very soon xx


Thanks for all the comments it's certainly making me feel better. It's been a week since my procedure now and no bleeding so far apart from being on .you period. However,  since coming off my period I have had a yellowish watery discharge for the last 3 days, but no pain. Is this normal?

Thanks Kay

Hi Kay,

Don't worry, my procedure was just over a fortnight now and I am still getting the discharge that you're describing; my leaflet said it could last up to 4 weeks.  I think my period came early too.  More annoying for me right now is that I have a huge cold sore which is struggling to heal, I think the initial worry brought that on so I hope it hurries up and goes away!  I'm glad you're not in any pain - I was fairly lucky on that front too.

Thanks, Sara