Abnormal Smear - scared!

I had a phone call this morning from my doctor saying he wanted to see me regarding my smear results.
I went in to see him and he said my smears come back abnormal and is showing High grade dyskaryosis. He said I will get my report in the post but he wanted to speak to me before it arrives so I don’t worry!
In the post today I’ve had a letter just saying abnormal cells and I need a urgent hospital referral.
I’m worried about the vagueness of the letter and the fact the doctor wanted to see me (I’m hoping it’s just because I go to a good gp).
My main concern is that this was my first smear and I’m almost 35, (I know I should of had one before and believe me I really wish I had now), I’m worried the outcome is going to be a lot worst because it hadn’t been picked up sooner!
I’m waiting on the appointment for my coloscophy, which my gp said would be within 2 weeks.
Hopefully it will come soon or I’m going to a stressful 2 weeks!

Hi there

If it sets your mind at rest at all, things always seem to move that quickly! My smear was only borderline, but they had an appointment pencilled in for me in about a week and a half. It is rather alarming to see them move that fast, I know....

The colposcopy is a more detailed check to confirm the level of the cell changes (smear only gets a small sample, so they can be much more sure after the colpo), and they make take a little biopsy or two as well. If it is indeed high level dyskariosis, you'll be offered a procedure called LLETZ to remove the iffy cells. The colposcopy section of the forum has a lot more info about that side of things.

The likelihood of it being anything worse is quite small. It sounds like your doctor is very nice - the first I knew was when I got the scary letter, inviting me for a procedure I'd never heard of, in a few days time! Your GP has been kind to forewarn you, I reckon :-)

good luck, hope all goes well and you get it sorted soon


Hi Lydney. .I had a smear and just a letter for colposcopy two weeks later,  it's excellent your doctor contacted you..I then had a letter for a pre op assessment without having a letter or appt with consultant telling me what was wrong! I go in on Tuesday for lletz procedure still only reading a leaflet and thankfully this website having seen no one..it's all very daunting, worrying but please be assured the colposcopy is nothing to worry about. And if he does a biopsy it's a little uncomfortable at the worst. .take care