Terrified mum of 4 :( Please help

Hiya, I am 25 years old and I just had my first smear test a week ago, I have the results already and they say I have high grade dyskaryosis.

What is this??? It says I need a colposcopy and treatment!!! What is this, I am freaking out :( I have 4 children and I am so scared I am going to leave them behind :( What is going to happen??? If I am the right age for a smear test and it's come back as this, why are they not offering them earlier??? Maybe it wouldn't have been a high grade if I had had a smear test before this. I also feel so freaking stupid because I was meant to have this back in October and put it off :( 

Please can someone who has had this diagnosis talk to me :( I am so scared :( Sorry for babbling!!! 

Hi Doodlebug,

I'm the same age as you and I had the same diagnosis. I was terrified as well. I don't have any children but I was scared that I may be in a situation where I won't be able to in the future. Please try not to worry, a colposcopy is very similar to a smear test, and it's just to get a look at the abnormal cells. You may need a biopsy, you might not. From there the consultant will tell you if you need treatment or not. I did need treatment and I had LLETZ to get rid of the abnormal cells a week and a half ago, seemed to all go ok.

Please try to remember that all of this is preventative, so if there is anything wrong then there will be treatment to get rid of any abnormalities. Have you got a date for your colposcopy?

I strongly believe that these tests should be made earlier. I put my test off for a few months as well, I think 5 months in total? It's unlikely that this would have made any impact. The main thing is that you have gone for it now, and they are going to take a better look at you and get rid of any cells, if that is necessary.

I know it's much easier said than done but try not to worry. I know it's scary, the not knowing is the worst isn't you?

If you want to send me a private message or anything feel free.



Hello.  Don't panic!  Many, many of us have been in the same place as you.  That said, I do understand - it's very difficult to not be scared.  There is something very frightening about these letters!

So, here's the deal: high grade dyskaryosis means that you have some changes in the cells in your cervix which, left untreated, could lead to cancer in the future.  In most people, it takes a long time for those changes to progress to cancer.  The whole point of cervical screening is to pick up the changes and, although I hate waiting for my letters as much as the next person, I'm very glad that I'm being checked under this programme.  It's reassuring that we have access to these services and they absolutely will take care of you.  Now they know you have these changes they will want to offer you treatment. This is a great thing!  The horrible pre-cancerous cells will be removed and you will be cured.  Statistically speaking, this is BY FAR the most likely outcome.  

The treatment happens in hospital.  You have to go to a clinic.  The doc/nurse will talk to you about your smear result and explain in more detail what they found (e.g. for me I had a high grade smear but the doc explained I actually had moderate changes).  Then you sit on a bed very much like when you have a smear and they put the speculum in.  It's very much like a smear but the doc/nurse will put some solution on your cervix and look at it with a microscope - the pre-cancerous cells turn white.  When they treat you, they remove them.  You are awake, they use a local anesthetic so you can't feel it, and it's quick.  Afterwards you might feel a bit wobbly and not quite right for a few days, and you have a little bit of discharge and bleeding for up to a month.

It's not the nicest but it's sooo much better than being left with the cells inside you.

Six months later you have a smear to double check that all the cells are gone.  (That's the stage I'm at.)

So, it's not a nice thing to happen, but most people on here report 'it wasn't as bad as I feared.'

Hope that reassures you a little bit.  x

Thank you so much for responding!!! It just seems that no matter what I read or who I speak to, I am just convinced I am going to leave my babies :( Sounds silly doesn't it!!! :( Some people have said high risk dyskaryosis is just normal abnormal cells, some say they are pre-cancerous...It scares the living crap out of me!!! I am so thankful for everything that is being done but it's scary that I have these abnormal cells sitting on my cervix and I have had no idea about it!!! It's making me think, what else don't I know :( All I want to do is cry, and sit in bed, I have no enthusiasm to do anything :( I can't bare this wait :( I am so sorry for rambling to you and sounding silly but if I say this to my husband, he probably won't understand :( 

I think it's hard for boys, as much as they try to understand I think there's something very unique about having a cervix!

Abnormal and pre-cancerous is the same.  My phrase pre-cancerous is probably a bit more worrying (sorry) but the emphasis is on the PRE.  They are cells that COULD become cancerous, probably in a VERY LONG TIME.  

But I totally get it.  I had a not very nice experience with my smear last Monday and I literally spent all day lying on the sofa feeling rubbish.  That's ok, I think.  Let yourself feel a bit rubbish and look after yourself for a day or two.

Then you'll feel better x

Hiya :) Thank you for replying so quickly. If all abnormal cells are pre-cancerous, then why are they scaring me by saying they are high risk??? :( What's the difference between low/medium/high risk cells??? Sorry for all the questions Xo 

I'm not a scientist, but I think it's about how abnormal they are.  Low grade cells are not that different to normal cells, while high grade cells are more abnormal.

That's what I think anyway! 

I think the video on this page is very helpful - http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Testsscreening/Cervicalscreening/Cervicalscreening.aspx