Need advice


I’ve just returned home to a letter saying they found High grade (severe) dyskaryosis in my sample.

I am being referred for a colposcopy.

Could anyone explain to me what this is and what I should expect.

Just a bit of a shock and no one I know has had this.

Thank you in advance.

Hiya juwil i had 6 years ago same Result ;-( need to go Hospital and had a Coloscopy done (Lletz) there took pre cancerous cells away and sens it off again for check up. After 6 week i got Result back thank god was really only Precancerous. Right now waiting for result again had smear done on 10th march and waiting for result right now. Try not to freak out a abnormal result not mean its cancer. good luck xx


I had the same letter as you about 2 weeks ago.......... it is such a shock, I have never had an abnormal smear until now. You should get an appointment  quickly for your Colposcopy, where they can take a look and sometimes they will do the  treatment. I had mind last Thursday and had (loop) to remove abnormal cells.

The Coposcopy is not as bad as you think, the local was painful ...... but after that I did not feel a thing. The nurses were lovely and gave me a cuddle at the end. I was told by the doctor at the time  that it did not look like cancer and she was happy that she had got all of it.

It has taken 3 days for things to settle down, cramping and bloating after and emosh  I am still a bit all over the place.

Hope this helps you.