high grade dyskaryosis result

Hi all

im new to this site. ive got a letter last week saying my smear results came back as high grade dyskaryosis

. I have had no problems with previous smears as they came back normal

Can someone explain how this can jump from normal to high in only a few years

. I have always had smears on time because I have always feared of the big c

. Hope this doesn't sound daft. I worry a lot and done nothing but cry since my letter.

Im seeing my doctor tomorrow for some reassurance.

Im also booked for colposcopy 3rd December x

Heya sweetie

Firstly, I was exactly the same, crying all the time. My smears went normal, abnormal, normal, severe abnormal and it completely freaked me out,especially as I was on 6 monthly smears. I convinced myself I had some rapid form of cc that was becoming more and more invasive by the minute... How on earth in 6 months could it go from normal to severely abnormal??!!!

Turns out the smears can't catch all the area of the cervix and my dodgy cells were on the outside bit of my cervix and the smears werent always catching them. That's why it is so important to have regular smears. That's the way my consultant explained it.

Much love xxx

hiya Hayley,

I know how you feel too I had my first smear and it came back high grade all I did was smoke, cry, google, cry even more, think, cry etc until id worn myself out!! I found this forum amazing as you find out your not the only person going through it as that's how I felt! I had my colposcopy and am having my lletz tomorrow. The colposcopy is just like a in depth smear if you've got any questions there is an email on here where you can ask their own specialist team who are great!! Chin up and have a nice glass of wine :) xx

hi im just new on here,i just wondered if anyone can help me please,been back and fourth to my gps with abnormal bleeding pain during sex,blood in my urine etc,today i go to my gp and  sex terriable back and pelvic  pain for almost 2yrs now,eventually they examined  me today she discovered there was sumthink she didnt like the look off on my cervix,as my smear is due around about now i asked if she would do it while i was there she said she wanted to leave well alone and that she was sending a urgent referal to the hosptial,ive cried all day night im so so scared,i have now got to wait for the hosptial to contact me my gp said if i dont here within 2 wks to ring her back,omg i cant wait that long im thinking the worst already.can someone tell me how long this appointment will take and what they will do to me when i go up there please please help thank you