Smear Result Anxiety - Mild Changes


I am up to date with my smear tests. I had a smear in April last year after the birth of my first baby. This showed HPV + but no abnormalities and I was asked to return in 1 year. Since I’ve had my second baby and so had my last smear in July (3 months after birth). This showed I was still HPV + but with low grade change.  I was sent a letter for a colposcopy in a months time. I phoned up and managed to get this brought forward to Monday. 

Since having my little girl my periods have been irregular and I started taking the pill and have been bleeding for 2 weeks. I can’t help but now worry this is all related and the colposcopy will show something more severe. 

I go round and round in my head thinking . I’m glad I’ve gone for my smears but I also wish I hadn’t gone and then I could run with ‘ignorance is bliss’ I’ve had the worst time since having my smear and worrying about results and tests. I feel like my life just hasn’t been the same.

it is such an emotional time isnt it. 

I wont tell you not to worry because thats just human nature. But look at the facts: low grade changes often go back to normal without treatment. the colposcopy will just take a closer look and maybe take a biopsy to be tested. this can take 3 or 4 weeks for the results so more waiting but the colposcopist will be able to give you their thoughts then and there. 

i hope this eases your mind a little bit. im currently waiting for results and i know how hard it is to stay positive - my mind automatically thinks of the worst case scenario. But seeing low grade changes isnt bad and its good theyre checking things out. the sooner the better with these things xxx

Aww hun.

I do exactly the same thing as you. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have HPV and CIN 1 or 2 changes and having to leave it alone till after the birth and it's driving me mad thinking about what ifs. They didn't do a biopsy so not knowing properly is frightening.

But the lady above is right! They have found it mega mega early and you might even not need treatment, it could just regress on its own. The bleeding could be to do with starting the pill. Contraception does all sorts to our bodies xx

Thanks so much for your replies. I felt ok and similar to your comments until I went to see the gp yesterday to look at changing my pill. He basically told me the bleeding could be linked and starting talking about false hope ?! It’s all a blur now and I walked out close to tears. I also asked if abnormalities are common and he shot me down saying no, it’s very rare. Somehow that made me feel worse. 


Now ive spent all weekend with no appetite and broken sleep dreading Monday :(

Just to update - I went for my colposcopy yesterday and was in and out in 15 mins. The staff at the hospital were really nice and the consultant was quick and to the point. He advised I had two small white areas at the top of my cervix and he took a biopsy which I didn’t even feel. I asked about a grading cin,1,2,3 and he said he didn’t even think it was cin 1?. I’m guessing the changes are very minor. He also said to me straight out, it’s not cancer. I guess this was to put my mind at ease as they must know we worry about such outcomes. He even went as far as to say, we all have HPV and we get rid of it and that’s that. 


I felt such a sense of relief after the app but since I’ve felt really out of sorts. Did anyone else feel like this?. I know I need to wait for my biopsy results but I just feel so messed up emotionally after a rollercoaster ride. I know in comparison to some on here my results haven’t been that bad but after always having near perfect health this has really shook me up.

hey, well done for getting the colp and biopsy out of the way!

sounds like good news that he didnt even think it was cin1! 

how long will it be before you get your results? i hope it isnt too long.

i dont blame you for feeling shook up and a bit out of sorts. it is a scary experience that takes its toll on you emotionally and physically. 

i had colp and lletz 2 weeks aho now and still feel out of whack a little bit but a lot better than i did in the first week. 


Hey, sorry not really been on here much I’ve been trying to stop myself fretting. I’ve actually been feeling much better over the past few weeks and it’s almost slipped out of mind (obviously not totally as here I am again!). 

The waiting sucks doesn’t it? For the first week I dreaded the sound of my phone ringing, I jumped a mile. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now and my letter said 4-6. They did tell me my smear results would take 6 weeks but I received those just over 4 weeks later. I’m hoping it’s soon as my birthday is on the 5th October so I’d really like to have it cleared up. Otherwise it’ll make a great birthday present... not!

i hope you get your results soon. How have you been feeling ? xx