Scared 24 year old needing advice please?

Hello Everyone

I had my first ever smear first this month and have been told I have HPV and low grade dyskaryosis and now have an appointment arranged for the 1st September to have a colposcopy done and I am so scared, especailly when the nurse doing my smear said it looked like there was nothing wrong.

Has anyone had the same thing results that could possibly put my mind at rest and stop me worring please? Thank you xox

Please try not to worry, if they find borderline or mild changes in your smear they automatically test it for HPV in some parts of the UK. If they detect HPV they then refer you for Colposcopy for a check up. I had similar results to you, a borderline smear and they found HPV in May. The nurse also told me I looked healthy but it is difficult for a doctor or nurse to see clearly when doing a smear. I was then referred for Colposcopy. Like you I was feeling really worried and scared. 


The colposcopist nurse and her team were lovely and put my mind at ease. They explained to me that they do a colposcopy if you have mild changes and hpv detected at your smear so they can treat you earlier if needed to make you better. They also said to me that the majority (80-85%) of mild changes looked at at colposcopy do not require treatment as they often go away on their own. If they feel you don't need treatment or only mild changes are seen they will call you back in a year to double check the cells have gone. However, there is a 15-20% chance that colposcopy will detect worse changes than your smear indicated (CIN 2 or CIN 3). These ladies normally require treatment (I was one of the ladies in the 15-20% group as they found moderate CIN 2 so had to go back for treatment. I it had done yesterday). If they aren't sure or think it is more severe they will either take punch biopsies or in some clinics treat you there and then to sort it out. I feel fine in myself now and have to go to my GP in 6 months for another smear.


Just remember they have detected these changes early so you will be monitored or sorted out. You will be okay :) x

Hi Divadani, proceedurally my colposcopy was a breeze, in my case they could see that I had a lesion & took 2 biopsies, but even then it was painless & actually better than my smear had been as the doctor performing it was much more skilled than my GP!  It turned out that I had a high grade CIN2 lesion that needed to be removed.  I had that done just over 4 weeks ago & recently received results informing me that it has been successfully removed & I have to go back in 6 months to make sure there isn't a reoccurance.

As Edaj said if you have low grade changes the chances of them going away on their own are very high.  If they don't & you do need to have them removed the treatment is completely effective in 95% of cases.  The hardest part for me was the fear & worrying, you are lucky to have found this site so soon as you will get alot of good information that should help you not get as stressed as some people (like me!) who didn't have such good information :)

Good luck, I am sure everything will be fine *hug*


I'm your age and had my first smear a few weeks ago. I've had the copolscopy and recently had further treatment (lletz) which I'm waiting for results on.

Do not worry about it. The copolscopy itself is painless, they may take biopsies to be 100%, and depending on those results you may have to have further treatment, e.g. lletz like me, which I found 100% painless (although this does vary for each person ). 

Take comfort in that they are getting you sorted quickly :) I had medium-high risk cells, so you should be fine :)

Best of luck xx

You guys are fabulous thank you so much for replying and sorry its taken me a while to reply :)

Your right its the worrying and waiting thats the pain and not actually knowing. Do you get the result the same day for the copolscopy? Thank you once again for replying to me :)


Hi Divadani, if the colposcopist can see nothing wrong I believe you will go back to your regular smears (which will be more often as long as you have HPV in your system).  If they see something they should give you an indication of what they see, but will not be able to tell you for sure until they have done a biopsy & tested what they remove, in my case I was told to expect the results in about 3 weeks.  All the best, & good luck :)


Same for me, I had 2 punch biopsies taken and had to wait 3 weeks for results. This then referred me for a LLETZ, and I have to wait 3 weeks for those results. Usually they do come through quicker though :) xx