Smear normal but symptoms still happening

Hi , I am new here and unsure if I'm even in the right place. I've recently had my first smear test (I'm just 25) and despite my worries, all came back normal. I've experienced spotting that has been put down to ovulation in the past but recently had more frequent bleeding between periods so going back to docs. I keep thinking the worst because I have no real knowledge of what else causes mid cycle/unexpected bleeding and my docs don't seem worried. I am scared and getting so upset at the thought of cervical cancer. Was wondering if anyone else has had a clear smear test and these symptoms and it's come back as something other than CC? I am waiting for an appointment with my GP but i am getting so anxious! Hope someone can shed some light into other possible causes xx

There could be loads of different ressons for the bleeding between periods, fibroids endometriosis. GP will be able to check these things for you. Definitely a ositipos that your smear was normal. 

Same thing is happening to me!  I have had vaginal ultrasounds too and they don’t know the reason.  Only been the last month or so.  Had a smear in March last year and then another in Nov and both came back clear.  It is driving me mad and worrying me.  Gyno isn’t worried. 

I thought endometriosis presented other symptoms than light spotting?  Not sure though.

apparantly sometimes women can just spot between periods.  It is annoying! I have to have hormone blood tests to check re: an early meno but I don’t think it is that.

Hi thanks for getting back to me. Went back to GP today and he wasn't worried. Had another pelvic exam and he seems to think it's hormonal but I've had bloods and swabs taken to be sure. I've been referred to gynaecology for an ultrasound to rule everything out. The awkwardness of it all is worth it for some peace of mind. Nice to know I am not the only worrier here I get frantic over my health for some reason lately :( hope you're all doing well under circumstances xx

Hiya :) it sounds like you’re doing the right thing.  I’m not very patient and hate not knowing the cause and like you I worry.  But I also think stressing can add to anything like that if it is hormone related.  I’ve had three ultrasounds and a smear in March and November and all are fine.  I kind of hope it’s an early menopause to put it to bed.  I am at the stage where I have no awkwardness and lay there legs akimbo - haha.  A nurse once told me it is ears which freak her out the most :).  

It is nice to talk on here as I only have a couple of people to talk to about it and they’re very much “oh stop worrying!” And I feel silly and like nobody understands me - so thank you x

Glad to find someone in the same position. I know it's hard not to worry when you don't have all of the facts. Like you I feel like a lot of people around me are telling me not to worry but that's easier said than done when you have unusual symptoms. Especially if you're like me and google things which makes me feel ten times worse! I've had bloods back today and waiting for swabs and then a scan appointment. Trying to put things into perspective as my bloods came back normal apart from showing I am slightly anemic which is to be expected. 


Think stress and hormones are psyching me out!!! 

Hope you're well xxx