Routine Smear (awaiting results), alongside other symptoms

Hi all,

Firstly, sending best wishes to everyone going through their own journeys.

I’m looking for a bit of advice/support please. I feel really quite stupid to be honest, for leaving it so long, and now worrying myself silly.

I’m 38 with two teenage children. Have always had pretty regular periods and no issues. I’ve got the Mirena coil (currently on my third), and although fairly light, my periods have always been pretty regular on these. I’ve never had any problems.

For the last 6-12 months I’ve been experiencing postcoital bleeding and irregular spotting/bleeding between periods. I suffer quite badly with cramps/back/pelvic pain although periods are always light, and sometimes feel like cramping as if I’m starting my period but it’s not. Occasionally experience a really sharp (makes me feel sick), pain during sex too.

I’ve had regular smear tests which have all been clear and went for my latest last week which I’m still waiting for results from.

I explained about the other symptoms, and the nurse also said my cervix bled easily when touched. I have been referred to gynaecology, and awaiting an appointment. I have no idea what to expect from this, and if i should be worried about the symptoms. They said that smears are generally best for asymptomatic, and that other tests are needed when experiencing symptoms.

I am kicking myself for leaving it so long, not getting the symptoms checked out sooner, and now feeling really quite worried. Does anyone have a similar experience with clear smear tests and then developed symptoms that were diagnosed not cancer? What can I expect from the gynae investigations?

Any help or advice is massively appreciated. Thank you :blush:

Hi I’m in a very similar situation I’ve had my second mirena coil for a bit over 5 yrs and like you have had lots of spotting and irregular bleeding for most of that time but because my last smear was clearI havent ever worried . Went for a smear 4 weeks ago and the nurse couldn’t take one she said there’s an area that is bleeding easily she could see ectropian and has sent me straight for colposcopy which is next Friday . I’m worried sick that I’ve just ignored these symptoms and can’t stop googling . I previously had cin3 cells removed 17 years ago too . No real advice but would love to chat and hear how you get on.

My story is slightly different but will hopefully give you some reassurance….

(31 y/o, no children, female partner, up to date with smears - all normal, no symptoms of anything suggesting anything wrong down there)

I went for a routine smear - it was quite problematic & I bled afterwards. The nurse rang me after my appointment to say she didn’t think my cervix looked normal and was concerned re bleeding. She had made me an appt with the GP for the morning after - she agree’d and said it was inflamed and didn’t look normal. She said the words ‘it’s a 50/50 chance of it being something sinister’, she put me on a two week cancer pathway for a colposcopy, I received a cancer booklet a few days later through the post.

Went for the colposcopy a week later… I was a total wreck as I had been catastrophising the whole week leading up to it. They were sooo nice in this department, the doctor actually got my smear results up there and then which said it was normal - I totally relaxed after this news. Went in for the colposcopy and was told I had a large irregular cervical ectropian - offered to freeze it there and then but I declined as if it wasnt for the GP i wouldn’t even know it was there. Ectropians are very common and not related to cancer. I literally skipped out of that clinic I was sooo relieved.

I hope my story gives you some reassurance & I really hope you’ll be back saying yours is something similar too.

Ps. Marena coils have their own side effects including spotting, pain etc. An ectropian can explain the bleeding/pain during sex. I know its so easy to say but please don’t catasrophise like me, deal with it when you know what it is you are dealing with.

Good luck

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Hi alid24,

Thank you for your reply and support :blush: I’m sorry you find yourself in a similar situation. It’s reassuring hearing experiences from others but think it’s just the anxious waiting time and not knowing that’s the worst.

I did receive my smear results yesterday which are normal, that’s great news but also seems to be a lot of people who had negative results and symptoms that went on to have cc.

I am still waiting for a colposcopy date and unfortunately am in so much pain in my cervix and pelvic area. It’s making me feel quite sick. I have some brown gooey discharge as well which is not pleasant (sorry tmi!).

I hope you are feeling OK waiting for your colposcopy. Have you had one before?

Thank you Lauren2 for sharing your experience. That does sound very similar to me so it definitely gives me some reassurance.

As I said in my reply to alid24, my smear is normal which is great news, but I am in so much pain (not period related). I really hope it’s something coil related but just the waiting for the next step is always the anxious time!

Thank you xx

Yes I had a colposcopy and cin3 removed with lettz 16 years ago but can’t remember too much about it . My colposcopy is on Friday so fingers crossed all is cool or ectropian related great news on your negative smear but hope you can get to the bottom of what’s causing your symptoms .