Advice please

Hi I am hoping I have put this In the right forum,

I am new to the site and just wondering if anyone has had anything similar to me, I was about 21 when my smear  came back with cell changes leading to colposcopy I don't know what stage I was at or any information about it at all really I didn't think to ask and being young just got on with it I had smears at 6 monthly then yearly and have been 3 yearly for a long time. I am now nearly 41  .I  have had the IUD coil before having my children which caused very heavy periods  and 2 mirena coils after having my two daughters which led to no periods. I have polycystic ovaries for which I have had 2 laparoscopies due to ruptured cyst and larger cysts. I had my mirena coil removed  hoping that it would stop the cysts and was put on the cerelle pill I have had  no periods since being on it for nearly a year, that was until recently I Have had a few episodes of bleeding after sex and the last time I bled straight away and still bleeding 2 days on I have a host of other problems like constantly needing to go for wees 3/4 times an hour Bleeding from bowel which has been looked into but everything ok, constant  tummy pains and now getting pains deep inside  and night sweats Could this all be down to the menopause I was told I was premenopausal a couple of years back, I am not due my smear until November  I am wondering if I should  ask for it to be brought forward or is it the menopause it's just the bleeding after sex is worrying me as I had that the first time round which then lead to me having the colposcopy. Any Advice  would be of help Thank you.