All worked up, any advice appreicated!

Hi everyone,


Hope this is the right place, I did the wrong thing & consulted Dr Google & have completely freaked myself out! 


I'm 24 & I had my first smear test yesterday, I will say that my nurse was so lovely, made me feel really comfortable & the test itself was over in a minute, I felt no pain (just for anyone worried about their first one!). The nurse said everything looked fine but it will take 4-6 weeks for my results & I am a massive worrier!

I'm worried because 3 years ago I had a lot of bleeding in between my periods & intense pelvic pain, as I was 22 at the time, they didn't do a smear test, I had swabs & a scan of my ovaries. Everything came back fine, the doctor put the pain down to possible IBS & the bleeding down to taking the pill. The pain eased off & I came of the pill & had & continue to have very regular periods. The past six weeks I have had really intense pelvic (worse than before), lower back pain & two days of light spotting after my periods. My big fear is that they missed something 3 years ago & now it would be advanced. Would be so grateful for any advice about this, sorry for all the information! 


I'm a massive worrier myself but have you read up on something called cervical ectropion? One of the main symptoms of that is irregular bleeding and it's mainly caused by the pill and/or hormones! 

From what I've read online (i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong)... the bleeding is an actual symptom of CC and not the pre-cancerous cells that are picked up with a smear test. 

3 years is a long time to have CC go untreated/un-noticed so hopefully the odds are in your favour! :) 

Sorry I can't be much help, I've joined the forum to ask for advice myself!

All the best for your smear results. xxx