bleeding abnormally

hiya for the past month ive been spotting irregularly mostly brown discharge im on the pill so i dont have periods and up untill recently have now started bleeding after sex i first thought it was related to pill but im not so sure i also have severe back pain which ive suffered with as long as i can remember and 2 weeks ago had a kidney infection,still kinda feels like i have one as i didnt take all the antibiotics due to them giving me awful diaorrhea and possibility of my pill not working properly,i have moderate pelvic pain also,i had a smear test 2 years ago which was normal ,docs app tomorow im terrified please note i suffer with severe anxiety xxsilly question probaly but is it possible to develop advanced cancer in 2 years as theres not a day gone by where ive felt well despite numerous trips to docs for diff things x

Hiya Hun first of all well done for booking the appointment and deciding to get it sorted, I know how hard it is to do things like that when you suffer from anxiety as I do aswell! It may be ectoption caused by the pill and it's very very common how old are you if you don't mind me asking? try not to think the worst and IF it was the worst wouldn't you rather know and get it sorted? That's the only way I can deal with what's happening to me, the not knowing was killing me! Xx

thankyou iam 28 and the anxietys really making it worse ,i have 3 children i only have too look at them and i start crying ive convinced myself i have cancer,my nan and grandad both died from cancer ,my mum had cervical cancer at 27 had a cone biopsy and my sister had a high grade abnormal smear with colposcopy after birth of her twins both found through smears ,yeah iam glad i went ,the doc said i have to wait 3 weeks for a smear its going to drive me nuts in the meantime my backs so painful its affecting me doing things ,i had sex with my partner the other day and didnt bleed after and havent spotted for a week ,i really dont understand it ,i hope you find out asap it must be difficult not knowing i wish u all the best of luck,please let me know how u get on  xxx

ahhhh hun there are so so many treatments out there now cancer is not the death sentance it was years ago!! I had abnormal bleeding, sometimes sex would trigger it, sometimes just going to the loo would be enough lol and the consultant said its REALLY common with the pill.. my wait was 6 weeks so i know how you feel, just try to keep positive and whatever happens just think that you will get through it for the sake of your beautiful children :) x

thanks so much for your kind words ,i know im being over anxious i cant seem to stop it ,i just thought it was more common in women who had just started pills as side effects ive been on mine 2 years,its silly aint it ,i know there are millions of women waiting to have smears etc and cant help thinking if i have it would it advance that quick whilst im waiting it wouldve been almost 8 weeks since symptons began to getting a smear then how ever long to get results ,i cant believe they left ur abnormal bleeding for a year!! thanks for i being here so i have someone to chat too it helps xx