Worried About Symptoms



My first time here and first post, I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit pathetic and I'm worrying over nothing but I would really like some advise as to what to do next.


I have always been irregular with my periods but they have always been less than 1 a month rather than closer together, if that makes sense.


A few years a go I had bad pains in my lower right abdomen and GP thought it might be appendicistis so off to hospital I went but blood tests said it wasn't, I had the pain for a few weeks and they did a few scan including an internal vaginal scan.  When the reults came back my GP just said there is nothing that we can see.  


Over the years I have had these pains along with a stabbing pain in my rectum around my period, but since December 2017 I have had an almost non stop period.  It gets very heavy twice a month with dark brown or blood streaked discharge inbetween.  If I don;t have blood then I have heavy discharge and bleeding everytime I have sex. I am just exhausted all the time, I have bad facial hair and bloated stomach.


My GP has done a smear test, internal vaginal scan and blood tests and has said there is nothing wrong and won't refer me to a Gyne.


I just don't know what to do, I'm constantly exhausted and broke from how much sanitary products I'm buying.


Sorry about the long post and please shout at me if I'm worrying over nothing.


Many thanks 

Have you had the results back from your smear yet? 

I would definitely see a different doctor as bleeding on the time isn't normal really. Not that it's cancer, it could be a number of things. 

Are you taking contraception? 


There is other things it could be. I would push for a referral to gyno .

I have possible adenomyosis, but it's something that they dontd seem to acknowledge x

Yeah, she said it was all clear.  i don't take any contraception.  Our kids are all teenagers now and my husband has had the snip.

I think I'm going to get a second opinion.  I have asked my GP for a referal loads of times but she's really reluctant too do it.  Last time I went she said she was going to discuss my case with the other GPs but that was 3 months ago and I haven't heard anything back.  It's like she doesn't believe me.

My GP was quite good. Went over all my symptoms, did an internal, referred to gyno and had internal scan too.

What blood tests did you have done. Your facial hair  is a classic symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. Have you been investigated for this?

Karen x 

I have had transvaginal scan and a normal ultrasound scan but they just say everything looks ok.  I have got 3 children that are now teenagers but all of this has happened in the past couple of years.


My blood presure is really high too, i didn't know if this could be something to do with what's going on too.