Please help!

Hi all, I’ve been lurking on here for a few weeks and need some advice/support. 

Back in December my partner had heart surgery and because of the stress, I decided to run two packs of pills together to avoid having a period over xmas. Towards the end of the second pack I had some brown discharge which the nurse assured me was just my body being ready for a period. My period was quite short.  During my next cycle, I had some brown discharge on day 10 and again a few days before taking my last pill. I went to see my GP to discuss this as I am terrified and convinced it’s cervical cancer. I have had some lower back, lower tummy discomfort, can’t really call it pain cos it’s not. GP said it can be quite common and could just be dysfunctional uterine bleeding. My current period has been a little bit longer and normally by now I’m clear but today I’ve still got a bit of light brown discharge when I wipe. I’m so worried. 

I’m 34 and my last two smears have been normal, I’m due my next one in May but have booked one now - but i I can’t get an appointment till the middle of March. 

Please help! Feel so worried


Aw bless you. I'm really sorry to hear that your husband needed heart surgery and that you're so worried about this. The bleeding definitely sounds hormonal to me if it didn't start until you ran two packets of pills side by side. I've seen a few posts like this and it tends to be the case. It doesn't hurt to have a smear earlier, particularly if it will put your mind at rest, but I don't think you need to be worried about cervical cancer.

Lots of love xx

Thanks so much for your response. I think what’s bothering me more is the feeling in my lower back and lower tummy as well as the discharge. Just wish this would all disappear