Just want to talk


I'm here really just looking for some words of reassurance whilst I wait for my gp appointment on Tuesday. 

I've got a complicated gynae history; endometriosis, pcos, adhesions, struggled with fertility, stopped ovulating for a couple of years.   Got all that sorted about seven years ago but it does always muddy the water! 

I've never missed a smear and never had any abnormal results.

The last six weeks I've had bleeding though.  Started light and just as streaks. Then became red brown with streaks still present and low front and back ache.  Now I'm having to wear pads and I'm having blood show sometimes in my pee and my back hurts more. 

Naturally I'm worried but then I think that it was only two years since my last smear and that was totally fine. 

Just wondered what others thought of this? 


 I spoke with a different gp yesterday because I'm about 99% sure I'm having blood in my pee which did worry me.  He said keep waiting for the appt next week and if it was something like cervical cancer then he wouldn't expect to see a lot of bleeding anyway.   He's prescribed tranexamic acid.  This was all on a phone consultation. 

If you are spotting, or have blood that has not discharged from when you were bleeding, that will eventually makes its way out and come in the bladder especially when you have to go for a urine at the time...That happened to me once about a week after my period where there was blood in my urine...Now the bleeding and pain in the back and stomach could be caused by fibroids (non cancerous growths)...I have that...The reason I say this is because you've always had regular pap tests and they've come back normal so that is a good think that you don't have cancer, but there is definetely something there that is making you spot and bleed between periods (if you are young, unless you are perimenopause then all that is normal cuz I get that too) If not, I think its minor like fibroids...It also could be endometriosis...some cysts on ovaries (depending on the type) could make you bleed too...but all that is highly treatable. I've had my fibroids for awhile and a cyst and its still in there and I do have abnormal bleeding, come and go pelvic pain and minor back pain but I just got so use to it lol