Smear -Bleeding.

Hey everyone !! Just had my smear. Ii looked and it had blood over it. And had some bleeding and belly cramps since. 

My last smear was hvp clear and no cel changes. But before tht i had hvp and high grade changes. Ii had it all removed and managed to get rid of Hvp. 


Now ii had my 3yr smear and bled and have belly cramps ii am no way petrified ii have it back again and now gotta wait 14days for results. 

Ii had endometriosis not sure if this could make me bleed or its something else. 

Feel gutted and deflated completely 

I'm waiting to have my 3 yearly smear after having cin 2/3 removed 3 years ago. I've recently had spotting after sex & I'm so anxious about it all.  I'm trying to think positive but it's hard !!! I'm sure we'll both be ok, and we're in good hands. I don't know anything about endometriosis but good luck. Xxx

It’s so nerve wracking isn’t it ☹️ 

i had bleeding after the last few times with sex too,  but that’s a sign of endometriosis also. So I’m trying not to get to worried. They sent me for colposcopy last December for spottin and random bleeding. Everything was fine had biopsy’s taken both fine. Not even a year ago so I’m praying nothing bad could have grown with it not even being a year. So fingers crossed we both have over sensitive cervix’s and al is good!! 

hope it goes well for you. Good luck xxx