Really woried and looking for advice..

Hy everybody,

I am new here and im really hopping to get an advise ... sorry for the long post.

my story started about a year ago, when i started bleeding after sex. I was sent for colposcopy and was diagnosed with CIN2 but it was decided not to remove it as Im only 20 years old. however i have continued to bleed and it has gotten worse, for last year im bleeding non stop, sometimes its better sometimes its worse. The doctors have tried everything from blood clotting medicines to all different hormonal pills but nothing works. Also the pain is unbearable sometimes... i have been admitted to emergency room 3 times in few months because of excessive bleedig and pain. 

my lower part of stomach is so big that i look like im pregnant. I also have lower back pain and R. Bleeding

now i am waiting for a scan and ultrasoung as they believe now its either severe endometriosis or fibroids or cancer...

i am really confused and dont know what to do as it seems like doctors cant even figure out what is wrong and this waiting is killing me.. 

The positive in this whole situation is they are going to find out whats wrong.

Once they know they can get you on the mend.

Its a shame you haven't had answers sooner and I hope you get on well x