Confused and scared

Hi ive been reading this site back to back this week. Im looking for maybe advice comfort or maybe abit of both. Ive been on contraception for over 8 years and since then never had a menstrual cycle. Around 3 months ago i started to have abnormal discharge streaked with blood very stringy. The dr put it down to my implant. I kept going back to the dr as the discharge turned into bleeding clots the size of grapes (sorry for tmi) waking up everyday in a mess. I have severe pelvic pain back ache and left pain in my leg and hip. The dr put me on tablets to stop the bleeding and arrange swabs obviously concerned for stds even tho ive been with my fiancee for 11 years. When the nurse started to do the swabs she stoped suddenly and said she would do a smear aswell. Instantly making me panic, can she see things in me with the naked eye? My smear results came back within 2 days and just had the results from the dr i have severe dyskaryosis. But dont worry you dont have servical cancer. Can they tell i dont have cervical cancer from a smear? Also he didnt say anything about cin? I have also been reading my types of symptoms are similar if not the same to cc. I have been refered to colposcopy and he said somthing about treatment its all abit of a whirlwind right now and my head is overflowing with questions and wanted information. Am i deffinatly in need of treatment? Am i deffinatly clear of cc?what happens now? Its been 3 years since my last smear im worried what couldve happened in that time sorry for the longwinded ramble just needed to get it out. Tia for any replies or advice x

The only way they can know for sure is through a biopsy. Sometimes they can see what is suspected cancer if there is an obvious tumor that is visible. I was told everything looks normal and I didn't have cancer yet a biopsy told a completely different tale. My cancer was further up though, and not in a visible area.

Hi thankyou for replying, so does no cin mean they will be taking biopsys? Or do they wait and see what they see at the colposcpy? im trying to stay positive but feel the symptoms im having are worry eg pain,tiredness, im just exhausted all the time. X

Hi Bethan,

if I'm correct 'severe dyskaryosis' is either CIN 2 or 3 (which doesn't mean cancer). I'm not sure if the doctors can tell whether it is cancer from a smear, but during the colposcopy the doctor will be able to take a look and possibly take biopsies too. 


Sorry for the quick reply, I didn't have enough time for a lengthy post but hope this helped X

The colposcopy will be the deciding factor on whether they do a biopsy I believe. During my colposcopy she said it looked like maybe cin2, but did a few biopsies anyway assuring me I didn't have cancer. On a last thought she decided to take a sample from further up the cervical canal, and that's what happened to be cancer for me. So sometimes it is not in a visible area. That's very rare though. Only like 10-20% of cervical cancers are the type that I got diagnosed with.

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So when the colposcopys done they could find abnormal cells or somthing a lot worse? Sorry for all the questions i just want to no exsactly what im facing. X

hi Bethan, I've recently gone through exactly the same thing so completely understand your worry. My smear test showed high grade dyskaryosis and at colposcopy they thought it looked like cin2/3 so decided to do a lleztz. My results came back confirming cin3 but fingers crossed it's been removed and I need a repeat smear at 6m.  Usually if it looks like cin1 they may do a biopsy to confirm it (cin1 often gets better on its own) but if I looks like 2or3 they tend to remove it. I hugely worried that I would be told I have cancer and didn't sleep, eat or function normally for several days. Try and stay positive, while I cant tell you this isn't cancer i do know that it's far more likely to be CIN and this is easily treatable. Whatever they find down there the key thing is that its been found and you're getting treatment giving you the best chance of getting rid of it!!! 

Thankyou liz83 its just a really worrying time. In my head ive made it a lot worse than it is because of the symptoms im having. Im waiting for my colposcopy and pelvic scan appointments and it feels like forever! When infact its not even been a week. Im not sleeping i have to keep it togethether in the daytime for my 8year old and my fiancee but at night time im constantly searching for information. Just having this forum is a massive help knowing others are and have been through the same thing x

Well just had my colposcopy appointment through for the 15th august. 2 days before i go on holiday but at least its a worry off my mind before i go and week less of waiting time for the biopsy results. They also said i can have treatment at a later date so i can still swim and enjoy my holiday. X

Hi Bethan88 

This is crazy reading your thread! I feel as though I am reading my own words! I have been on the implant for two years so no periods for that time. I've been bleeding constantly for two months now, I've been having abnormal discharge, blood clots the size of grapes, lower back ache, pain in pelvis like nagging/pulling pains all the time ... also I have been having shooting pains from my right hip down into my right thigh... this morning my left leg was swollen and took a couple of hours to get the circulation going again. I visited my doctor this morning and explained all. My problem is, 6 years ago I went for my first smear at 19 (I gave birth to my son at 15 so was high risk therfore invited for smear early)... my results were CIN2 I had treatment with gynecologist but I don't think I had a biopsy I'm not sure!! But I do know I had colposcopy. I was supposed to go back for regular smears and a follow up regarding colposcopy but I never went back! I'm now 24 and not had a smear since I was 19 and colposcopy. I know it was stupid but I was so young and naive back then I didn't really understand the importance of it all. My lovely doctor who I seen today, done a smear test there and then and refured me as urgent to gynecologist regardless of my smear or even waiting for the results of my smear. All of my symptoms lead to CC... I'm scared for myself but more importantly for my son. Please please please let me know how your colposcopy goes xxx

Hi petal i think the problem with not going is through educating us young enough untill this i didnt know half the things i knew about my cervix or how it worked. So dont beat yourself up about it. I understand how scary it is for you and inside our heads were already planning our funerals. But reading the statistics (sorry im a teacher lol) even if it is cervical cancer its proberbly one of the best to have. Its slow growing and easily treatable. Now negatives out of the way lets look at the positives. The implant does things to our bodys that getting ratted on a saturday night doesnt even do lol. It thickens the cervix. It gave me period pains with no periods! And i personaly think alot of my changes are from the implant. Im having it taken out friday untill ive been through the whole process. That way drs cant say any symptoms are hormonal. hopefully it will all lady parts to relax a little. Which ever way it goes for us this site is a feeding ground for support and so many ladies have been through the same if not more! I hope u get ur referal soon. Keep me updated. I will post after colposcopy and let you know how it goes good luck to us all x

Thanks Bethan88... I'm hoping it will be more hormone related but it's just the waiting that's killing !!! How are you feeling now ??xx

Im honestly terrified. Its so easy to give out positive advice but not easy to listen. Its my 28th bday next week and cant stop thinking my birthday present will be cc! Trying so hard to keep my mind busy im burning myself out. Every bodys telling me it will be fine but inside im screaming how do they know?. Sorry for the depressive mood tonight, holefully your feeling a little better than me? Any news yet? X

I know !! I know it's hard.. just keep strong and stay positive I know it's easier said than done! I'm going out of my mind too, it's so strange the word cancer keeps popping up everywhere.. magazines, telly, FB it's like someone is trying to tell me somthing!! I don't have any news yet! It's driving me crazy!! When is your colposcopy?? Such a rubbish time for you to have all this on your shoulders !! Try and relax and look forward to your birthday xxx

Its monday 3pm luckily got my big sister coming with me whos been through it herself. The closer it gets the more scare i feel had my implant out yesterday she butchered me and i needed a stitch, the local anesthetic stung so much im dreading having it in the cervix. Do you know if you can choose to have general instead? im having nightmares because im supressing my feelings all day. Id chase each clinic its self thats what i do. Ring gyne see if theyve had ur referal if not take their fax num, then ring drs and tell them to fax it thru urgently and you would like it to be officialy recorded on your notes what youve asked for. It normaly puts a rocket up them as they dread and legal or official issues. Altho its a shame we have to turn into the hulk to get these things done. Yes it does seem to be everywhere, im convinced its worse than abnormal cells  x

So glad you got your sister to go with you! I hope I can find someone to come with me! I'm due to have my implant out next Monday too. How did it go today ? I've been thinking of you this afternoon. Hope it went okay?? Please let me know.. I have a day off tomorrow so I'm going to chase it all up. I'm going to Amsterdam this weekend so I'm hoping for some good news by then otherwise I just won't be able to relax xxx

Hi petal it was awful to say the least came out feeling like a peice of meat in A butchers shop. Had the colposcopy but no treatment as im on holiday wednesday. The nurses didnt explain anything or make me feel at ease they just got on with it. Then told me its possibly cin 2/3 see u in 2 weeks! The acid stung and hurts a little now when i go toilet. i dont know what im booked in for but dont know if i can go through it again under local, my pain threshold is quite low so i might ring and ask for a general instead then they can do what they like im not going to feel it until i wake up x