Awaiting biopsy results

Hi ladies

Just wanted a bit of advice if poss. I'm 28 and had my second ever smear in May. My first smear aged 25 came back normal. Anyway, my recent smear came back showing mild dyskaryosis and high risk HPV. I then went for a colposcopy a week ago and was told that it was 'worse than they thought' and I would probably have to return for treatment because of the colours my cervix had gone when applying the dye. She also said I have an ectopian cervix and questioned if I had considered changing my pill, also asking me if I ever suffered bleeding after sex or discharge. Basically, I didn't ask her to elaborate on what she meant when she said it was 'worse' and I'm just a little worried that she didn't clarify that it's just abnormalities, not cancer. So I'm waiting for my results now after being told 4-6 weeks, and wondering if anyone who has had a similar experience could give me any reassurance please? 

Thanks in advance xx

Probably meant it's cin2 or 3 and will need lletz Hun try not to worry or Google as all very treatable.  You could always call clinic you went to and explain you are worried and ask for them to call you back with more details. Xxx

Ps they also asked me question Re bleeding and I asked why he asked me that and he said it was common with contraception I was on to cause scarring which can cause bleeding. xx

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the reply, to be honest I haven't been too worried, in fact I sometimes think I'm maybe a bit too chilled about it all! I just think these abnormalities seem quite common and I will worry if/when there is something to worry about! Just wanted to speak to you guys to see if anyone could offer their advice from experience. I think you're right, guess I will play the waiting game now, I'm sure if anything sinister, she would've said at the colposcopy.

Anyway, thanks again for replying and you take care - my situation seems completely insignificant compared to yours, hope everything goes well with your recovery xx

Hi Sarah,

i was in a very familiar situation to you a few months ago- 28 (now 29), had my 2nd smear and came back with the same results as your self. I was also asked if I had bleeding or discharge at colposcopy (think it's routine to ask). My colposcopist didn't really say much about how things looked "down there" during the examination and didn't ask. My biopsy results (longest wait of my life) came back with Cin 1. I rang after weeks for the results and they were given to me over the phone. Im now on waiting mode for the next year to see if it's cleared (happy to do so as the majority of cases do clear themselve. If yours come back with anything higher than I think lletz treatment is usually the way they go- no experience of it myself but theres a wealth of experience on here from lovely ladies who have had it. 


Hi Sarah, as the others said, he likely meant "worse than mild", which could be moderate or severe. The fact that you had a clear smear 3 years ago is aa good sign, because cc is very slow-growing and so should not have had a chance to get that bad within 3 years.

It does sound really strange what he said about the pill and the bleeding, I have never heard of that. How could a pill cause scarring?

The bleeding after sex would be a sign of moderate/severe changes so the fact you don't have this is a good sign!

Now the dreaded wait....


Hi Sarah, I had the same reaction from my doctor when she did the colposcopy. She immediately said it was worse than she thought and that I would definitely need further treatment. They wait for the results to come back from the biopsies to confirm the level/depth/area size of the CIN to choose the best treatment option. I agree with the other girls, the “Worse than they thought” comment means not cancer but a larger area or evidence of a high grade rather than mild changes. Looking back the whole process was scary and time consuming, but not from the treatment perspective but rather from the emotional waiting around and the what if’s etc. It sounds like your approach to this is spot on. Hope the treatment goes well and they get back to you soon J  


Thanks very much ladies.

Bahar, reading your signature this all makes perfect sense now. Due to the extent of your abnormalities, you had to have another type of treatment under GA instead of LLETZ. I feel much better now! I think her questions about bleeding and pill etc were related to my ectropian (think that basically means cervical erosion). I'm hoping my treatment will fix the ectropian too. I called the clinic anyway, just waiting for a call back but after reading all of your replies I'm quite happy it's nothing sinister. Dreading the treatment mind! Xx