Getting concerned and confused

Hi thanks for reading. I went to the docs a couple of weeks ago reguarding bleeding during sex, not a little bit like a start of period bleeding not spotting. Doc had a look and refered me straight away had app with gyne 6 days later. She had a look amd said i had been ref as doc seen something on my cervix, she agreed there is a white area on cervix and need colposcopy and biopsy also checked my womb and said it is low and enlarged so need a scan.I have my apps on 15th Thats fine just rolling with it trying not to stress until today. My periods are very irregular last one was 8 weeks ago. Last night i woke up 2nd time its happened literally sweating and belly going mental like if you have a bug with diariariah, went toilet no issues went back to bed still odd pains, got up this morning fine mid morning thought god dont feel too well, went toilet and what i thought was period had started. felt rough all day horrendous pain now tonight period has stopped ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ this is second time now this has happened. Concerned and confused now.

Sorry for the essay and thank you if you read dont know what i am expecting people to say just needed to vent really. ❤❤

Oh my lovely sounds like you've been having a tough time ?

I can't say much about what it could be but it's great that they are going to see you and check things down there. You are in safe hands and whatever the outcome they will look after you. Nurses etc.. are absolutely amazing. They've made me feel so at ease with what I've had to deal with so please try not to worry! 


Thank you for responding, trying not to stress and then the little things get your head in a spin again. The waiting is the worst isnt it. 

I had Cin2 about 18 years ago and cervix cerosian so always had issues but this time more worried when 2 kids and a hubby in tow xx

Hey lovely,

Yes definitely the waiting is awful. I suffer with generalised anxiety and had to wait 5-6weeks for my lletz treatment. Had it done last Tuesday and literally the wait was awful for me. I got my results back yesterday said they had got everything they wanted but still showing up as CIN1. Hoping the receive a letter to explain it better as was able to view it before my letter on my NHS app. Anxiety is starting to creep back in as didn't want to hear that. One of the girls on here told me not to worry as she had the same and ended up to be absolutely fine so hoping it'll work out to be fine. 
I'm here if you ever want to private message me and vent out your frustration. All of us on here are here for you so dont feel like your being a burden as your not!


No wonder you're anxious! It's such a shock and you're just reeling from it and so much to take in. It sounds like there's all sorts of things that could be going on and that's bewildering and frightening, of course it is. But you've done all you can do - you've gone to the doctor and you're in the process now of investigating what's wrong. I had my LLETZ yesterday, I should have had it last week but they decided I needed to have it done under anaesthetic so I had all last week with my mind working overtime raking over all the little details and snippets of information I'd picked up. And there's nothing you can do except wait so you're powerless which is horrible. I wonder if the stress and worry was expressing itself through your painful night? I hope they get it pinned down whatever it is you're facing and I hope it's all very routine and simple, in the meantime look after yourself, and get your other half to pamper you and comfort you. I hope the news is good for you when they do the biopsy xxxxx

Thank you, only a week left to wait for coloscopy and scan now.Keeping myself very busy maybe too busy haha. More panicking now that my scan is 30 mins afyer my coloscopy app and worried gonna be late as was hour delay at last app undecided Hoping as consultant booked them both will be fine if there is an over lap.