hi everyone i have posted on here befor i am 24 with a 5 year old son (my world) i had a smear came back borederline had colp biopsis came back CIN3 i am going for a view to treatment on the 17th dec any way what i wonted to no is for the last 2 years i have been in the docs more times than owt and i wonderd if my symptoms the ill feeling i get could be to do with the CIN3 .i have hip pain like you have neva none and in my legs they go num alot i had a xray last year on them but was fine so on relly strong painkillers i am always tird i could sllep all day and nite. i can not use tampons as the pain is to bad i lose a lot of blood each month  and sex is wayy of the cards i can not have anything in me as the pain is to bad (sorry TMI) good job am gay relly lol :) but anyway i just wonderd if any of this could be to do with cin 3

any info would be fab thank you xx

Hi hun I was diagnosed with cin3 6 months ago,  I had colposcopy biopsy and lletz , which isnt as painfull as you expect. Also I suffered bad hips and pelvic pain when carrying my last daughter she is 10 months now. The docs said it was spd, although I still get it now and im not preg. I also have post coital bleeding, so have gpt to see a doc again now. Always something to worry about but being honest hun once you find out about cin any other ache and pain or symptom you link it to that and cancer and let your mind go crazy! Try not to stress hun youl get it sorted xxx 

thank you so much for getting back to me hun and i no am always thinking now what if this n what if that lol did they get rid ov all ur bad cells with the llets and what was your results from llets? xxx