Hi everyone. 

Im also new to this, I have read a lot of everyone’s comments and find it really helpful to read the stories as I don’t really know how to talk to anyone else about it and my symptoms. 

Last year I was diagnosed with CIN3 severe high grade cancerous cells, I had the loop surgery and my follow up appointment the beginning of this year, the results came back but I was having the same problems as to when last year. I put off my smear 3 times last year as I was too scared to have this done, sounds silly doesn’t it? But in the end i am glad as I was treated before tis got worse. I have recently gone back to speak to a specialist as I have also been bleeding again after sex, spottinf and cramping on the one side and bloating a lot as I was before last year which made me worry. I had 3 smears in one day and there concerned as my cervix is high up and I’m in a lot of pain just from having the smears. They have suggested I have an operation where they insert a camera to have a look? im just worried that my cells have came back and reading all your stories it’s the exact pain and symptoms I am having again. 

all of you ladies sound so brave and are doing amazing and I can’t thank you enough for how helpful these forums are for people to talk to. I’m awaiting my results to come back and what the next stage is.