Small lump

I'm just panicking a little and wondered if anyone here has had any similar experiences and could at all help ease my worries.

My history is a year ago a smear which came back cin1 and hpv for which I then had a colposcopy appointment where they biopsied and the results came back CIN3 and this was followed up with a lletz procedure in June 2018 when they removed a sizeable chunk of my insides but doctor seemed happy it was dealt with.

I went back for my follow up smear in December but can me back inconclusive so had to wait til now for my repeat smear. This is going to happen on Thursday.

But in the mean time...only since last week I have found a tiny hard lump inside my vagina. During my period the pressure of a tampon made it a bit painful. Which is how I discovered it. I'm really panicked and couldn't get my appointment moved forward. Just random googling now as to what it it could be other than something sinister. Any thoughts anyone would be very welcome.x

Can I ask where abouts in your vagina the lump is? My first thoughts were that it would likely be a cyst, but obviously only a doctor can really tell you. From what I can gather, cancer in the vagina is similar to cancer of the cervix in that it presents as a rough and bumpy surface before any real lump of a tumour can be found.


Agree with the above opinion, it could be a cyst. I had one not quite inside the vagina but just outside. It felt huge to the touch but the doctor wasn't worried so left it, it didn't bother me for years until last year when it became infected and very painful. I had it removed in my GP's office in less than 2 minutes. So try not to worry, i'm sure it's completely unrelated to your smear result but do have it checked anyway as they might be able to remove it x

Thanks you for your replies. It's inside my vagina but within reaching distance! It's quite small but hard little lump. A cyst is what I had read as the only other explanation of what it could be other than something horrid.


Thanks for taking time to reply. I don't think I'd be so worried if it wasn't for what I want through last year.  Only have to wait til Thursday now for my appointment. x

Hi Fliss,

Did you find out what this lump was? I too have found a lump and it's like a little stone and itchy.... i thought it was the bartholin cyst maybe but mine isn't growing in size.