Hard lump on cervix


Hey you lovely lot. 

I'm new on here, well I've done a lot of reading of your stories and wow what a lovely supportive group you are. I'm looking for advice please

I noticed back in Jan a hard lump on my cervix, went to gp who referred me for a colposcopy. They saw me within 13 days did the white stuff and said all looked healthy and no further concerns, I was over the moon. Rolling forward to June I started with yellow discharge and pelvic pain went to my local sexual health clinic who thought it might be PID, so all swabs done with nothing to report. So took 2 lots of antibiotics to which the pain stopped but not the discharge. So a referral to colposcopy was made again. I can still feel the lump. Which because I have health anxiety after losing my mum 2 years ago to cancer I now have days where I will feel this lump 3 times a day to see if has changed. 

I explained all this to the nurse specalist who was doing the colposcopy this time at a different hospital. She did the white stuff followed by the iodine which she showed me.. She felt 99% sure it was indicating  inflammation but did 3 punch biopsies which 2 weeks later also  said it was inflammation. She could not see the lump of concern. The lump is still there it feels like it's under the surface on the outer part of cervix. I have Since the results spoke with the nurse specialist and consultant and they tell me it's not cancer.. but in my mind they haven't even identified the lump so how do they know it's not cancer.. I now don't know which way to turn. I'm a very anxious mummy of 4 beautiful children. I'm know suffering with hip pain and on/off bladder urgency but not sure if this is because I'm worrying. 

Sorry for the sa. Just wanted to give you as much info as I could. 

Hi, it's VERY common for your cervix to have lumps and bumps on it. I've noticed a few and everything I've touched base with my ob I've been told it's completely normal and not concerning. 

Hey Anna ! 

  I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries like this ! My last PAP was right after I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Sometime around November of last year. Everything was fine and tests came back normal, but now that I'm 4 months postpartum I've also noticed a lump. It's about pea sized and I'm FREAKING out. I've googled a lot of what I've found mentions nabothian cysts, which are supposedly pretty common after giving birth, so I'm clinging to that ! I made an appointment today set for October 11th, so I guess I'll just continue being a nutcase until then. I'm hoping I get the same response you did and I pray you find peace, bceasue trust me, I can completely relate to the health anxiety ! 

Thanks girls. I'm still in the same place with the lump. Had further 3 punch biopsy. That was clear. My health anxiety is mostly under control now but I still question what the lump is. I'm back at gyne next month so I will raise it ith them again.. X 

Hello ladies,

I found a small lump on my cervix and attended a doctors appointment on Monday. She carried out an examination and said that my cervix looks healthy and took swabs to test for infections, all came back clear. I had my smear test last year and all was normal. She said that there are no red flags but she has referred me to gynaecology and said I will need a colonoscopy. I suffer with bad anxiety and I'm thinking it's something serious! 
anxiety is horrible isn't it!