hi I don’t even know if I am aloud to post this in here, just a bit concerned and was looking for a bit of advise, I know the ladies on here are very friendly as I had CIN3 cells removed last year (after my 1st ever smear and colposcopy) and been put back to 3yearly smears now. so as much as I think it should be yearly I have put that to the back of my mind. Anyway my problem now is that I have a lump underneath on my knicker-line, its not like an in grown hair, I have tried to see if anything comes out of it but theres nothing and it doesn’t move. I have noticed it for about 3weeks I think. just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this x

Hi there,

if it's been there 3 weeks and it's something you are unsure of, get to your GP to have it checked out and put your mind at rest.



thanks Jade, i think i will. I will try and get myself booked in this week. X