Sick note

Hi all,

This is probably a stupid question so I apologise in advance :)

If you've had to be signed off of work after surgery, have you received a sick note from the hospital or have you had to go to your GP to get one? 



I asked the hospital to write me one… They weren’t going to give it to me though! So ask for it! But I didn’t want the hassle of going into my GP surgery after my op!

When’s your op scheduled for now?! All the best! you’ll be one step closer to this being over! xx

Yup I had to remind them to write me one too. I was signed off initially for 6 weeks by the hospital then the remaining time I had to go to the GP every 4 weeks for a note. Xx

Ahh! thanks for your messages - thats really helpful!

I'm having the cone on the 27th which I know isn't a big op so probably doesn't need time off realllllllllly but I just feel like I need a bit of a break to be honest for a couple of weeks - emotionally more than anything. It's been an intense few months with the colposcopy and biopsies then back for the LLETZ then the last 2 weeks since getting diagnosed with CC out of the blue has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster....I havent had anytime off work at all throughout it all and I just need a bit of me time and a rest I think! Probably better going to my GP if I'm going to be making a bit of a cheeky request ;) xxx


I was signed off for 2 weeks after lletz under GA. I remember feeling a bit of a fraud at the time but the GA alone takes a while to get over, so it was needed.


Hi Sophie,

I don't think asking for a sick note is a cheeky request. You are going through a lot and will need some time to come to terms with your diagnosis at the very least. Diagnosis to treatment happens so fast. So take some time and be kind to yourself. I got my note from my consultant and it simply stated the reason as recovery from surgery and didn't go into detail.  I'm signed off for 6 weeks and its gong really fast! :-). Tess xxx 

Thanks Tess. Hope you are resting up and feeling well? xxx

Hi boop wow you must be so strong I think I would of had time of well before now you deserve the time of work and take time out for you to take on board everything you are and have gone through I don't work as I have illness that I cannot work so didn't have that problem but I don't think you are being cheeky at all I'm surprised the docs have not said to you to take time of good luck with everything hugs xxx