Awaiting Lletz

Hi all 

I'm now awaiting an appointment for lletz under GA, will I be staged after this?

For anyone that's had this procedure any advice/info would be helpful :) 

They told me at colposcopy clinic area was 1mm of cc , so I'm assuming that's quite low, is that opinion likely to change? 

Thank you xx

Hi I'm also awaiting my lletz which is on Monday morning. I just wanted to say good luck for yours, when is it? Xxx

Hey .. im hoping to have an appointment letter today, I'm going back to work Tuesday I have to, just wanted to know how people felt after it really, don't want to use all my holiday as i think I'm gonna need two weeks in the sun after all this :) 

I'm having a general anesthetic which is good to know I'm not worried just like to plan things and at the moment I don't have a plan !!

Hope everything goes well for you xx


If you like I can let you know how I'm feeling afterwards so that you know what to expect although mine is under local but they'd given me a choice. Good luck xxx

You shouldn't have to use any of your holiday for this! You're sick! Please talk to your boss and explain that you are not doing this for fun, you are doing it to keep their staff alive.

Be lucky



I think hospital appointments are covered, I can sign on the sick however it's only £87 a week .. Both me and my partner work full time . I will have a chat to my boss on Tuesday and see what the conditions are though thank you 

 I've received my letter this morning for appointment on Wednesday 1st April,  it doesn't say anything about procedure so I'm assuming this is for a consultation maybe? I'm happy with how fast thing are moving fairplay, be grateful of our NHS :) 

Yes please Alizee if you will that would be a great help to know some info xx

Hope it all goes well for you x

The GA will make you very tired for 24 hours. You aren't allowed to drive for 24 hours or ideally be left alone. Bare this in mind for transportation to and from hospital. hope it all goes well for you. I'm with Tivoli, you've just been diagnosed with cancer! If that doesn't warrant tone off sick I don't know what does! 

Hiya :-)

I've just fixed up my follow-up for Wed 1st April too so I shall be thinking about you and trying very hard not to think about me ;-)

Be lucky :-D



April fools day too .. hope everything goes well for you tivoli, you have been a great help to me so far. I read through your hysterectomy :/ wow, that's some seriously gripping stuff, and you are so strong minded to be able to talk about what seemed like an ordeal. Especially being in Greece and having to travel so far for treatments etc, I was hoping to go back to work tomorrow but been advised that it's best not yo until I know what's happening as it will break the cycle of my sick pay :(  I need to do something I cannot organise my house or life anymore lol 

Thanks 365,  I don't drive I have the other half to cheuffeur me thankfully his boss has granted him compassionate days off with pay for all hospital appointments which us so kind and a great help at the moment sick pay is seriously rubbish , feel like a spare part today that has no idea what to do. Hate feeling so down only lasts a day tho I'm sure a bath bomb and early night will help, I have a girly day with my princess planned for tomorrow too :) xx

Cheers Meg :-)

Hope you've been having a brill day off with your princess :-) I've just completed my monster journey and am all geared up ready for tomorrow. I shall be thinking about you on Wednesday and hoping it all goes swimmingly for you.



Hi hope you are ok! If you're interested I have posted about my experience having a lletz, have a look in the colposcopy section of the forum x

We had a great day :) bike ride,nail painting, hair curling, cupcake making and watched Cinderella in bed!

Thank you, I have my little list of questions so I'm ready! 

Wishing you good luck for tomorrow I will be thinking of you 

(",) xxx

All went well at consultation,  booked for pre op assessment on 16/04 and loop/cone on 20/04 although cone may not be necessary I signed for it incase it is.

Feel much more positive now, although I have extensive cin3 there is only a small amount that is cancer, chances are the loop will be all thats needed.

Only thing is telling my children,  my 9 year old is suspicious and I want to put his mind at rest, main reason being that I don't want him to be scared of that word, like we all are when we are told it. I'm going to speak to them tomorrow make some pictures and explain as beat I can .

Tivoli hope you check up went well, you was in my thoughts 


And I was thinking of you too Meg :-)

Your Princessy day sounds fabulous! Wish I was there! Glad to hear that you are feeling more positive now, I will keep my fingers crossed that your treatment can be limited to the loop. And I hope you have managed to reassure your kids as well. They won't be aware of this of course but 30 years ago cancer was a much scarier word than it should be today.

Yes my results were all good thanks :-) I forgot to drink a silly amount of water after the CT scan so had a monster of a headache the morning after but paracetamol for giants put that to bed soon enough.

Good luck for a shiny future :-)



Glad to hear that you received good news tivoli :) I am still debating what and when to tell my children, I'm really confused in one way I want to protect their innocent little minds from that word and worry, and then I want them to know that there's no need to be scared, there is a happy ending. 

Back to work today for the time being and I loved it! So nice to feel slightly normal again and I've given spring cleaning a whole new meaning at home haha so was actually nice to have a sit down and a natter with colleagues (so glad the boss can't see this :) ) 

Take care xx

That's great news :-) So glad you have enjoyed being back at work. If you ever fancy a spot of distracting spring cleaning you are welcome to come and do my place :-)

Have fun :-)