LLETZ with a GA

Hi I had the LLETZ procedure done yesterday with a GA, couldn’t face it with a Local after nearly passing out when I had the biopsy taken last year!!

All went ok, came round after the GA fine, some slight pain, especially when sitting up or lying in certain positions. I was just wondering if anyone else has had it done via a GA and how long it took to recover, they have given me a sick note for 2 weeks!!!!! And people who have had GAs before are saying it will take at least 4 days for me to be "normal" again.

I have also been told not to drive for a few days more to with the procedure really. Also I have no spotting as yet, will this start in a few days?

Be good to hear other people’s experiences with others having this done via a GA, also how long will it take for the results to come back.

Thanks in advance looking forward to hearing from some of you guysSmile Smile




I suppose every case is individual but I returned back to work 2 days after the operation. I've since been told by my manager that I had Infact looked dreadful! Just go with what you feel for yourself. I've since had a hysterectomy and had 8 weeks sick note for that, some ladies have 6 months, I guess it depends on lost of different things how quickly you can recover from things. 

Hi Lucy,

I had 3 days off after mine and then ended up coming home early on the 4th day as I was so uncomfortable sat down all day. I wasn't offered a sick note at the hospital though.

Everyone is different and we all recover at different paces. I bled from day 1 but i've read a few stories where people didn't bleed at first or much at all.

At least you have the option to stay off for 2 weeks so see how you get on and don't rush into going back.

My results took just over 5 weeks I think.

Good luck xx

Hi Lucy

Go with what you feel. I had LLETZ under local but it was quite a large area. I felt very crampy for 2-4 days and lethargic and weak for almost 2 weeks. 2 and a half weeks later I am still moderately bleeding but feeling much more like myself the last 2 days. Firstly your body is healing from a pretty nasty shock and also emotionally it can be pretty fraught from smear to colposcopy to results.

Take it as easy as you can and follow your gut


Hi Hun.... I had LLEtz yesterday under GA and I feel great today!!! Had no pain killers today and tbh if it wasn't for the fact I can't drive I woulda gone into work.... I def felt worse after the colposcopy.... I've had no blood loss yet but the consultant said I might not see much f few days.... I have no idea if this is normal!! But I guess we're all individual.... X