LLETZ under GA - result time?


I'm new here :) My smear test showed high grade dyskariosis and I also

had a large patch of dark pigmentation on my perineum.

Originally went for LLETZ under local but this was unsuccessful as I was

very uncomfortable due to my other gynae issues (prolapse, lichen sclerosus etc)

so I had my LLETZ and vulval biopsy done under a general anaethetic yesterday.

I'm wondering how long it took for your results to come back from the lab?

I'm getting married in 7 weeks and this is all hanging over me and dampening my

spirits for what should be a really happy time in my life.

Sorry for the self pity and rambling post and HELLO :)

AJ x

I'm sorry you've got this hanging over you at such a special time bit it'll be good for you to have something to focus on.


I only had a cervical biopsy - done on the Monday, results thursday of the week after, so 10 days. They did say 10-14 days. The waiting is the worst.

I'm sure a more knowledgable person will be along shortly after to help x

I had LLETZ today and was told I'd have resukts in 2 weeks. I work at the hosp tho so will be being cheeky and chasing them up! Hope all is well. :)

Maybe ring the colposcopy nurse and explain your situation, that way she will know to push for your results maybe. I think it varies from 2-6 weeks depending on where you live and how busy they are. 

Pray they come back quickly and try and take your mind off things by focusing on your wedding.  xx

I had a LLETZ on a Mon got a letter 1.5 weeks later on the Wednesday wanting to 'discuss reults'. Got diagnosed the following Monday with 1a1. Then had another LLETZ to check they got it all with the first and got the GOOD results 2.5 weeks later on the Wednesday!

Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. I ended up back in hospital on 28th June with a post op infection and had to have my perineum biopsy site re-stitched. Then yesterday I had to change to a different course of antibiotics so generally I've been pretty poop! It'll be two weeks on monday since my lletz and no results as of yet. Thank you all for your kind words x