Lletz under GA

Hi all. Just looking for some advice really. I have been for my colposcopy today and was told that I have significant abnormalities. I have to go for lletz under GA because there is a large area to be removed. I was quite shocked at the time so didn't ask the questions I should have.

I was just wondering:

  1. How long it took people to recover and get back to work?

  2. Is there any side effects afterwards that i should expect?

  3. what’s peoples experiences of carrying babies afterwards?

  4. How long does it take for the results of what kind of abnormality it is to come back or should they have told me that today?

Thank you to everyone in advance. X

Hi there,

The good thing about having a GA is that you won't know anything about it.

Mine was very straightforward. You have to have someone with you 24 hours after the GA.

I took a week off work after GA, but my job is quite demanding with lots of running around. I was grateful for it because I fel pretty foggy headed for a few days, and also if I'm honest I felt I needed it psychologiccally just to look after myself (everyone is different, medically you could probably go back sooner, but I personally was grateful for this time) I was also very sore once the local anaesthetic wore off but then I had laser and LLETZ. I had usual bleeding discharge that anyone would have after LLETZ, and be given instructions about this when they discharge you (how long to avoid exercise, sex etc). 

My results took about a month, although this can vary from area to area. 

I haven't had a baby after but plenty of ladies do.

Hope this helps a bit, and I wish you all the best for you procedure.

Thank you for replying. It was helpful. I think I will be similar in terms of psychological recovery. I am a psychotherapist and finding my job much more difficult at the moment as my emotions are all over the place. Trying to practice what I preach in terms of managing my anxiety and low days, but finding it difficult.

Thank you again for replying

Holly x