Lletz yesterday

Had my LLETZ procedure yesterday under General Anaesthetic and am feeling awful today. I can't sleep or eat and feeling just generally low and quite sore. 

Glad though that I wasn't awake for any of it as they removed a large mass of abnormal cells. 

I just hope I feel half normal again soon. My smear was taken in June 2018 so its been a long, drawn out process to have treatment of any kind. But it's back to the painstaking waiting for the results for the next few weeks. 

Anyone else had LLETZ under GA know how long recovery can take? 

Any info much appreciated x 







Hey Louise, I had LLETZ under LA not GA, but just messaging to send hugs your way. I felt quite low after mine too - I think it’s almost a bit anticlimactic, especially for you when you had such a long build up for it. And the wait for results is awful. How come you took so long to get from smear to treatment? It must have been horrible waiting all those months. 

Sorry I can’t give more advice. I think GA can leave you feeling a bit out of sorts for a few days, plus the emotional rollercoaster of the procedure. Look after yourself and don’t best yourself up or expect yourself to snap back to normal. Allow yourself to feel crap, I think they can downplay the toll all this has. But by Monday I imagine you’ll be feeling much more back to your normal self, especially when you get routine back. There’s an amazing network of people on here and we are all in this together. Take care x


I've had lletz under GA and the actual anaesthetic can leave you feeling rough for longer than you expect. It can take a good week to get out of your system. Also if they removed a large area of tissue the recovery is a bit longer. I have had 2 lletz and the 2nd one was definitely worse as i had more extensive area removed. This means more time under GA and more healing that your body needs to do.

Also don't underestimate how draining waiting for results is. You've had the abnormal tissue taken away but the worry is still there.


Thank you for your kind reply. I had my smear in June, CIN 3 result in October, Colposcopy in November but told the area was too large to treat any other way that by GA. So waited until yesterday for that and was told while I was there that I had got my appt fairly quickly in comparison to most!! 

Apart from the GA side effects, the whole thing is very emotionally draining as you just have to carry on normal family & working life regardless of how much your worrying or fearing. That's probably the hardest part of it all. It's not visible to anyone either and one of those things that you don't want to be talking to everyone about as it's so personal. So a lot of it has to do with the built up anguish, I suppose. 

But it just seems to be one hurdle after another then more waiting and worrying. 

I'm sure I'll be feeling a bit better in a few days. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment.

I hope you're lletz went well and you got everything sorted x 


Thanks for your reply. I think you're exactly right. Even though the procedure has been done, it's not quite the end of it which is hard to deal with and you just have no idea what the results are going to be. It's just hoping & praying all the time. 

It's so much easier to talk to people on here because everyone has been through pretty much the same thing to start with and have the same worries and concerns. 

I hope you are recovering well and things are improving for you x 



That's crazy that they consider that quick :( what an awful wait, that must have been really rubbish but at least you're a great big step further along on this horrible journey now! 


It is extremely emotionally draining and I completely agree that trying to carry on as if nothing has happened is really tough. Despite being 5 weeks post LLETZ I am still waiting for results and it's only today that I had a bit of a meltdown and told my closest friends that I'm not ok at the moment, I've been telling them I am fine with it all, I think in an attempt to kid myself. Open up to people if you can because it lifts a small bit of the weight off you and people that love you want to be there for you!


It definitely does feel like some very tall hurdles but each one you get over is another one behind you and one closer to the finish line. You have every right to feel sorry for yourself though, give yourself some much deserved TLC! X


Thanks Lou, yes i'm recovering well x