Lletz under GA tomorrow

Hi there

Was diagnosed with CIN3 and have been booked in for lletz procedure tomorrow under GA. Just looking for some feed back about what to expect.

Was told I would get lletz under GA as cervix is completely covered and it would be more comfortable for me to be asleep. 

How long do you wait to find out about results for tissue they are removing? Can they dignose if you may have CC while doing Lletz......?

have so many questions to ask... am sooo fed up with all the waiting. Absolutely dreading waiting for more results.

I would be grateul if some of you lovely ladies could give me some info or tell me about your experiences.

Thanks in advance.


Hi I had my lletz under ga on 26.6.13 and hot my results on 18.7.13 so around 3-4 weeks I don't know if they can say if cc or not then n there but I should imagine it would of come up on the biopsy tho I don't really no I found the whole thing a waiting game it's hard I felt like I was going crazy it maybe the day to day life for the docs n nurses but it ain't for us that are going through it good luck for today pls let me know how you get on xxx

Hi there. Usually you will have to wait for the biopsy results. The waiting time varies between trusts. I had to wait a couple of weeks for my results. You could contact the hospital to ask how long you will be waitng. I know it's not easy but hang in there and good luck for your results. Xx 

Thank you so much for replying! 

I was first on the list on Thursday so I didn't have to wait around. They said that I would hear in about 3-4 weeks, and they were happy that they were able to remove everything. As soon as I was up and out of bed and manged to go to loo myslef they discharged me.

I am still quite sore and feeling a bit under the weather tonight. I didn't go into work today as I am on my feet quite a lot and have been feeling a little faint since it happened. I have a bit of a temperature andam just worried incase I have developed an infection. 

If I am still feeling rough tomorrow, I am going to ring my GP as I am due to go back to work on Wednesday, I have two children and my partner works nights so can't afford to be even more ill!

All I can say is roll on four weeks when I get my results! Hate all the bloody waiting!!!!


Hi, I had LLETZ under GA last Dec, and it took me around a week to 10 days to feeI normal after which I didn't expect!

i had to chase docs for my results which confirmed CIN 3 no malignancy :)

Hope you're feeling better soon and fingers crossed for an all clear smear at your check up!!