Time off after Lletz

Hi there,

I have been diagnosed with CIN 3 and need to have Lletz, its been a quick move to treatment, only a matter of weeks from smear to this.

My biopsy was very painful, i went on holiday the week after and literally couldn’t do anything i felt that rough. I will have the Lletz under GA.

I am beginning to wonder how long i’ll need to take out after the procedure. When i mentioned it to my (male) boss he said "oh no need to inform HR as you’ll not be off for longer than 5 days) - how does he know this?!

The reason i ask is I am due back to the office the same week as the procedure. When at the office i have a 2 hour commute with a large heavy laptop bag. Right now, after almost 2 years WFH carrying this bag is strenuous!

I can work from home, but i cannot see me being able to do the commute given the pain i was in with the biopsy. Can i get a doctors note to allow me to WFH or is it just a sick note?

This is boviously only if i need it, if i am fine, then of course i’ll crack on.

Thank you

Hiya, sorry to hear you are going through this. Please don’t rush back to work if you don’t feel ready. I was originally only going to take 4 days off but ended up taking 4 weeks off. I did get an infection afterwards which obviously prolonged my time off, but doctors and employer were great. No one, not even a doctor, can say how long you will need off. It’s your body, and only you know how you are feeling, mentally as well as physically. If you need to speak to HR then you do it. Big hugs xx

Hi, I also had the lletz under GA. I had it on a Friday and took the Monday off, however was still feeling rubbish until the end of the week. Very tired and not myself all the next week, however as I work from home I felt I could manage it.
I told HR what I was having done and they didn’t request a sick note, maybe you could email them to explain and then if you need a sick note request it at your appointment? The nurse asked if I needed one when I went in.

Probably worth asking if you can work from home for the week just incase and then if you feel up to travelling then you’ve warned them!

I had my LETZ on Wednesday. I’m a teacher so I was literally the first day back at school. When I told the consultant I need to be back tomorrow. He told me off and said school would have to wait my health came first. He wrote a letter saying that I needed 1-2 weeks off due to the risk of colts. I’m awaiting my biopsy results.

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Hi, hope you’re feeling brighter now. This is my concern but I think I’ll take it easy afterwards as I have a habit of overdoing it and I should just go with my body and what it needs.

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I just had my LLETZ done today and I’m also a teacher! How’re you finding your recovery? Are you back at work now? If so, how’re you finding it?
I’ve been signed off for nearly 2 weeks (until next thursday) by my GP and the nurses have said today that if I need it extending, to just ring the ward and they’ll extend it for a week

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Yes, I’m the same. I have actually rested. And it’s just what I needed. I did get a fright I started my period two days after my period which was I overwhelming- as I had already been experiencing heavy periods. I feel so much better now. Awaiting biopsy results still. Called to check. Apparently they’re in - but in the consultants in tray - I was hoping I’d know before my return.

At first a felt guilty. Then I had to remind myself my health comes first. Often as a teacher we are always trying to put schools first.
I am due back tomorrow- I took the full two weeks off and it was worth it. Initially I was fine, no pain and spotting, then my period started two days after my treatment it was really heavy and painful l was grateful I wasn’t at work.

I informed work last Friday I’d be back next week. So I’m going to get to read my emails this and plan for tomorrow as I haven’t touched my laptop since. It’s the waiting for the biopsy results I’ve found most difficult. I’d prefer to know before I head back so that I know if I need more time off. Apparently my results are in but they’re sitting in the consultants in tray! My friends says stay at home till I know. But I’m Worried I may never want to go back. So I haven’t been back yet.

My main concern as a teacher is that we can’t go to the toilets as and when we want to and that makes me a little tense. I’ve come to accept that regular test and procedure may be part of my life now.

How are you feeling? How’s your recovery coming along?

That’s definitely something I’m trying to remind myself too. It’s so difficult isn’t it because people don’t expect you to be off in term time, it’s not like other jobs with annual leave where they’re used to people being off at all times of the year.
Poor you, I’ve heard periods in recovery aren’t nice :confused: I think I’m due on mine any day so I’m dreading that!! Especially as I get really bad periods anyway

Good plan, I’ve asked my school already for a day where I can come back in but not teach so that I can see where my classes are, do some planning etc
Definitely, the waiting is always the hard bit!! That’s good that they’ve come back so soon though, I’ve been told I won’t get them back for 4 weeks. What did your smear/colposcopy say the grading was if you don’t mind me asking?
That’s so frustrating!! That happened to me with my colposcopy results, I ended up ringing them until someone told me them over the phone…
I totally understand that, we need to be at full capacity to teach, it’s not like we can hide behind a computer screen! Are you primary or secondary?

That’s what’s worrying me about going back too, thankfully our HR lady has had the same procedure done before so she knows what it’s like so I’m hoping she’ll be sympathetic and can put some things in place to help with that

I’m okay thanks, glad to have it over and done with and trying not to think too much about the results. I’ve got pain but it’s more of a dull ache at the moment like cramps, and I’m very tired but that’s to be expected I think

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Hi everyone. I’m 27 and just had the LLETZ procedure done yesterday. I’m a chef so constantly lifting everything. I’m going back to work tomorrow and am really scared that I won’t be able to do anything. I’m the only female in the kitchen and the guys look after me, but I’m scared that I won’t be able to pull my own weight or possibly end up with an infection. Am I crazy? Because it sure feels like it.

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Yes, taking time off during term time is frowned upon. I am a secondary school teacher. So I don’t even have the support of a TA if I need to pop out. I have recently been having very heavy periods. On top of the smear results. I have fibroids which may need to be removed and recently had a coil removed that was fitted incorrectly . The letter stated that I have ‘high grade ‘moderate’ dyskaryosis. I think in a way a period so soon after my procedure was scary. But having the time off meant I just laid down on my sofa. Dull aches as well initially but have stopped i now take i if the pain return. Just spent hours catching up on emails and planning. I’ll let you know how my return goes. Take time to recover. I’m glad I did.

I’m secondary as well so have exactly the same issue!
Poor you, that sounds like a lot going on
That sounds the same as mine, although they originally misgraded my smear as low grade :woman_facepalming:t3:
Yeah definitely, I don’t feel up to much apart from lying on the sofa!
Oh that’s good to know then, did you get lots of bleeding when you weren’t on your period? I’ve had none so far
Emails take up so much time don’t they! What do you teach?
Yes, please do let me know how you get on, I hope it’s all okay for you

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Wow you are brave!! Did you have it under general or local? I had mine yesterday and don’t feel up to doing anything
My consultant said I needed to be really careful lifting things for about 2-3 weeks

Oh dear! That’s not great misgrading it.

I teach English and EPQ.

Yes, initially I only had minimal spotting for two days. Then my period came. I now have spotting. I wear a pantyliner at all times.

Please do rest. I’m glad I was blessed to be signed off. The head has requested to see me as I said there is a shortage of female toilets near to my classroom.

Had it done under local anaesthetic and I’ve been on the sofa all day. Hoping I can actually work tomorrow and function :crossed_fingers:

No it really wasn’t but there we are, my journey has been a bit of a shambles with various things missing/late/lack of info
Oh amazing :slight_smile: I teach maths :slight_smile:
That’s good to know, I need to make sure I’ve got some panty liners. I’ve bought some period pants too to add some extra support
That’s good then, hopefully they’ll sort something out for you

Hi all, so good to hear your experiences. In the end I took a week off, the GA didn’t agree with me. I felt rotten all week. I’m back at work now but got a sick note to work from home for a few weeks as I get this awful pulling pain in my tummy whenever I carry my bag.

No results yet, hoping for positive news

I’m now a week and a half after the procedure and started having very very heavy bleeding last night, went through 5 sanitary towels in total so now I’ve unfortunately ended up in the hospital and have an infection. Honestly I’m pretty damn scared right now especially as you’re not allowed to have anyone with you due to Covid. Hoping IV antibiotics and drugs to stop the bleeding work, and that it’s nothing too nasty :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: