How did you receive your results?

I had the Lletz treatment on Friday after diagnosis of CIN3 and am healing well ( I have little pain and the aread doesn't feel sore) The Doctor said that it looked as thougjmost of the abnormal cells have actually cleared themselves, and so didn't have to have so much removed. I was told that it would be a different story if I hadn't atteded my smear test and next year I could've very likely had cervical cancer :( Anyway, my question is, if it is confirmed that  I already have cancer, would this be in the letter I am expecting or would an appointment to see the consultant be made and told the news then? I am so anxious and nervous, 6 weeks seems a very long time to wait :(

Hi Kelly, I had my LLETZ and was told I would recieve results and follow up appt in the post (this was when it was presumed just CIN3), however I then recieved a letter and phone call 4weeks later asking me in the next day for an appt with consultant, which was when I was told about the cancer. xxx

Hi Mapp,


So sorry to hear of you being diagnosed with I reading correctly that you are all clear now? If so, brilliant news!!! I was expecting to look down at the letter and see the words 'you have cancer' in some form or another. Did you have to have any treatment for the CC or did the LLETZ remove it all?

yeah thats correct, such a relief, got my first follow up next week. when they rang me to ask me to come in they didnt even tell me then what was wrong so I doubt you will recieve bad news in a letter,although not sure how other hospitals work. I had a repeat LLETZ to make sure margins were clear, which they were so I didnt need any further treatment which was fab news!

Hi Kelly,

To the very best of my knowledge they never send bad news in a letter, they call you in for an appointment and tell you to your face. That way they can support you properly if you go into shock or become hysterical. Besides all that, what if someone else opened your letter? No, I'm quite sure nobody would ever receive a letter which said 'by the way, you have cancer' We live in a civilised society.

Be brave, lucky and well.


Yes -I received a letter asking me to go in and see the doctor to get my results.  Unfortunately I was diagnosed wth very early cervical cancer and just coming to terms with it all.  I went for my internal scan and MRI yesterday so just waiting and praying for the results - hopefully it has not spread!! 


Take care of yourself x