Severe high grade dykrasosis, colposcopy and going under ga

Hey everyone, new to this.

okay im 26 and went for my first smear in may, results came back as high grade severe dykrasosis( my spelling is appauling sorry) i had my colposcopy today, he said it is high grade pre cancerous cells and i also have a lesion, when i questioned this he said it was erosion of the cervix proberly caused by hormones, i was in such a state i didnt ask any more, at first he wanted to do the treameant then but with the state i was in he recomended i had it done under general and he said we could cause more damage if i start paniking while he is doing it.


so my questions are,

1. for those who had it done under general what was your experiance? many of you had to have more treatment with these results

3. do they send it off for a biopsy when they have removed the cells, and if so are they looking for cancer(silly question but this wasnt made clear)

4. what is a lesion and what does this mean for me and will he do anything to this?

sorry to bombard you but im petrified i have really bad anxiety anyway but made worst by bad labours which means im pertrified of this sort of thing. 


Thank you xx




re-3 & 4

I could be wrong but I think in this context, lesion just means "a group of abnormal cells." It seems to be used as a place holder until they know which grade the cells are (CIN2 and CIN3 both referred to as "high grade"). If he did a biopsy during the colposcopy, then yes it will likely be sent to a lab for analysis. But ff he's already saying you need to the LLETZ, he may not have taken one? Either way, the LLETZ/LEEP removes an area that is then sent to a lab for further analysis. The analysis of that biological material/tissue/sample? is much more definitive. From what I gather, they do look to see the grade of abnormality (on a precancerous scale and on a cancer scale if that is found) and to see if the margins are clear. This lets them know if they got it all with LLETZ or if they need to go back in etc. 

Someone else may know more.