High grade moderate dyskaryosis

Hi everyone, after days of reading posts from this lovely group online I decided it was time to join you all and get properly involved :) 

I received my smear results yesterday (after 5 weeks wait!) which said I have high grade moderate dyskaryosis and need a colposcopy ASAP. I havent stopped crying since, Im an emotional wreck. 

Could someone please shed some light on the following questions please:


1) As I know this isn’t cancer at present, is it really anything to worry about ? Will it just be treated and that’s it?

2) Does it mean I have HPV? 

3) My last smear was normal 3 years ago, is it common/rare to have abnormal cells already turn cancerous within 3 years ?


I hope to hear from you soon, thank you for reading

Hi Lauren


I too had results of high grade but mine were severe. I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and some biopsies taken. I recieved my results saturday morning and need to go for lletz monday the 19th.

I had lletz 4 years ago and it was confirmed that i did have HPV but i dont know if its hpv this time. The doctor didnt say.

I just need to have the lletz treatment monday, a follow up smear after 6 months and then hopefully all will be ok and clear.

3 years ago my smear was clear like you i was really upset and scared that it had developed so quickly but the nurse and doctor said this can happen so try not to feel too worried.

I know how you feel because i got my letter 2 weeks ago, it was on a friday and i couldnt speak to anyone until monday. I was so frightened and crying all weekend.

Do you have a colsposcopy booked?

Thinking of you x

NMCStN Thinking of you. I hope your Colposcopy went ok and you feel alot better now that its over.

Gemma xx

This is exactly what has happened with me, I have my colposcopy tomorrow and I am so nervous :( im such a wimp and very squeemish!! Have you been for your colposcopy yet?X