Newbie and confused

Hi all, I was recently invited for my 1st smear, results came back as high grade dyskaryosis (severe) I was then referred to have a colposcopy, I had 3 punch biopsies taken. 17 days later was asked to come back into clinic it was a different doctor this time he seem to babble on and so I stoped and asked him what he meant he said pre cancerous cells and in one part it looks like a small cancer could of grown ( I have no idea now I was in shock after this) I then had the lletz treatment. I was given an appointment 16 days later to go back for results at a different clinic to what I went to before. So confused and worried as do I have a small growth of cancer or just pre cancerous cells he didn't seem very clear to me.

I really don't have the answers to your questions but I hope tje next appt brings you good news. It will help if you write a list of any further questions because your mind WILL go blank and you'll forget most of what you wanted to know. Even if it is good news. Good luck xxx



try calling the clinic(s) you visited they should be able to give you some more info/clearer info

hopefully LLETZ removed everything



Oh my how confusing for you!!! I'd call back straight away, explain that you want a doctor to call you and tell you what the results were. no one should go away confused about whether they have a tumour or not. how horrible for you!!! I wish you lots of luck, I'm waiting for a letter with my colposcopy appt after a letter saying I have high grade abnormal results :( :(