Wished I understand

Hi all 

thanks got reading my post. Wished I understand what is going on the more I read they more worried I am getting feeling a bit lost and I don't really have anyone too talk too and my boyfriend don't talk about it with me had a letter saying that I need too have a colposcopy so it's been 2 weeks not heard anything so I have rang up today too find out lady said 21st feb at 9.00 I was happy but then I am worrying more about it the letter said that I have high grade dyskaryosis I have read on it but understanding it a different matter if anyone has any idea how too help it would be nice x 

Hello Duchess...I too got a letter which said I had high grade dyskariosis and I too was very worried. Firstly, I would strongly advise that you dont google it...it really wont help. High grade dyskariosis (or CIN 3) basically means that we have abnormal cells which were picked up on our smear test. It doesnt mean that we have cervical cancer...it just means that they have found pre cancerous cells which they would like to remove because they wont go away on their own and if they were left they may, over a long period of time, change. Some of the lesser grades of dyskariosis can return to normal on their own, but CIN 3 wont. It means that, like me, you will have an appointment at the hospital for colposcopy, then go on to have the cells removed by Lletz procedure. It doesnt hurt at all and the colposcopist will be able to answer any questions you may have about it and to reassure you.

Also, please try not to worry too much. I know it is very hard, but keep in mind that you are now in the system and will be sorted. The waiting is tough, but there are lots of women on here who will come forward to help you get through. Big hugs. Hope I have been able to reassure you a little xxx

Hey Duchess,

I completely agree - same happened to me, had my colposcopy on Monday and the removed the cells at the same time. I'm awaiting results which will confirm the degree of change to the cells and whether they think they got them all. After this, I will go for another smear in 6 months to be checked again, and it is quite often to then have a smear every year, for ten years.

Thats is what happened my sister when she was 23, she's now 37, never had an abnormal smear since and has returned to normal 3 yearly smears. she also has a gorgeous little girl, so it just goes to show that these things can be a complete one off, never to show themselves again.

Try not to be overly concerned, as est941 rightly says, you are in the system to be sorted. This is the whole point of going for smear's at all - this is exactly what they are for and it happens to a lot more women than you might think. You probably know someone directly who has been through it but just never talked about it.

Keep smiling and keep us updated.


Thank you both for writing back too me and it's nice too no people understand what am going though and don't think am going mad :) it's hard too not worry but I seem too be a bit better today but I have not googled it today at all which has done we the world off good am just hoping the next 2 weeks go fast for me x est havr you had your appointment yet what's happening with you ? Ellie-cat how was Monday for you did they talk you though it all or even show you how long will you have too wait x

Hi Duchess, yes Ive had my Lletz and now have gone on to receive my results, which were confirmed as CIN 3, which was removed and I was told to return in 6 months. A big relief after all the waiting and worrying. xx

hiya Duchess.

honestly, the Colposcopy was completely fine. She showed me on the screen when she found the white spot of abnormality, it looked quite small and was very confind, even though it is hugely magnified, seeing it actually reassured me a little. I had pre signed an agreement form that if they found the cells then they could remove them there and then, so she double checked if I was happy to go ahead, I said yes. Two little pricks of the anaesthetic and it was done in 5-10 mins. I didn't feel a thing. The anaesthetic make your legs go a bit shakey, but once its done they sit with you for a minute until you are ready to get dressed (only bottom half ooff and covered by a sheet the whle time). No pain at all.

And I know everyone says this but keep bringing to the forefront of your mind that High Grade changes are not cancerous, just cells that *may* become harmful to you if they are not removed. It is extremely rare for women who are going through what we are to be diagnosed with Cancer at this stage.

My results should be back in 3-4 weeks, but I feel strangely positive that I will be just like est941 - high grade CIN2 or CIN3, all removed and then will go on for further smears. That genuinly is the most likely outcome and needless to say a positive one.

I did however have a horrible dream last night, that the letter came confirming cancerous cells. No matter how strong we are, the worry gets to you one way or another. So for me I just focus on other things. I start a new job next week, and have a friends wedding this weekend coming, and on 28th Feb it is my 35th Birthday - I am focussing on celebrating that birthday with positive results from the biopsy and being able to put it behind me - at least untilt the next smear :)

Keep going day by day - keep active and if you get stressed or worried just post on here - there are many ladies here that do understand and will talk to you and help you through it.

sending hugs :) xxx