high grade dyskaryosis at colposcopy

I had my first smear test last month and was upset When the letter said I had HPV and low grade dykaryosis. I'd just about convinced myself that things were fine by the time it got to my colposcopy appointment. Then when they had a closer look they found not only low grade but some high grade too. Not sure what this means but now totally convinced I have cancer. Did anyone else get worse news than they were expecting at their colposcopy? 

Hey hun, I know its easier said then done but please try and be calm. You will just work yourself up in to a state.

My letter came through as Severe Dykaryosis, i was petrified, seeing the words severe i automatically thought i was dying!

But i was booked in for LLETZ within 2 weeks and had the cells removed, they didnt find any cancer and the whole abnormal area was removd succesfully.

Have you been booked in for treatment?

Kayleigh x

Kayleigh - have you had your results yet from your follow up smear? I have my test of cure smear tomorrow (following CIN3) and want to know how common it is to be treated successfully?

I'll wanted to jump in and say hi. I'm waiting with you ladies for my test for cure smear. Had my lletz for CIN 3 in Nov and had the smear last thurs...

ill keep you posted

good luck x


I received a letter today, following a routine smear, to say that I have high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I have an appointment for a colposcopy next week. Having never had an abnormal smear result before, It was a big shock. Has anyone else had this result? I'm keen to hear the experiences of others, I feel I need to prepare myself for what happens next.