Colposcopy results advice

I had a colposcopy last week and it was a nightmare, I was all ready teary due to have high grade servere dyskaryosis on smear and HPV positive results after having normal smears previously. I recieved no compassion or support during appointment.
She told me I did have high grade servere dyskaryosis and there was a small area that she said could be cervical cancer, she said it might just be high grade cells but she wanted to be honest with me but if it was cancer it looked like early stage this was said in such a blunt way.
Even after her saying this non of the others said a word or gave me any comfort. ( bear in mind there were 4 staff members in total in the room with me).
I asked her what would happen if it was and she didn’t really give me any helpful advice.
I left the room in a mess and have been ever since.

I recieved letter she sent to doctors and it says
An area of pre cancerous change ( high grade/?invasion) was identified. As the area of abnormality was not easy accessible I have to have a LLETZ under general anaesthetic.
Please can someone explain what the terminology means ? I have no idea what to expect as like I said she just dismissed my questions and don’t know where to turn.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Pp79
Sorry for the way they treated you ,especially women should support others . But no worries we are here for you. I just wanted to respond though mine was not similar to yours.
I had abnormal cells after a pap smear 1/2 years ago , results were hsil and hpv so was booked for lletz , did lletz under GA 30th March this years , later told no clear margins ( gyno friendly and very encouraging assured me not to worry he thinks he burnt everything after lletz) then 6 months later which was last month did test of cure and everything was normal :pray:t4:. I would like to say all will be well trust in God :pray:t4:
Take vitamin D, C and if you can find the women vitamins too .

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Hi Pp79

So sorry you had such a terrible experience with your colposcopy. I had the exact same results as you a few weeks ago, my first abnormal smear too (36, living in UK) I don’t totally understand them myself. My gyno just took a look and referred me on for a LLETZ under GA (currently waiting to hear about an appointment, its been 4 weeks) I didn’t have a biopsy as that will be done in the LLETZ treatment so I don’t know myself if its cancerous but he didn’t give any cause for concern. I think our results are quite common (and it turning into cancer fairly rare) so try not to let it worry you :yellow_heart:

I’m in a similar position. Area not easily viewed and due to mucous and bleeding on touching they may need to do a Leetz if colposcopy biopsies show unclear/abnormal. It’s a pain to have this procedure just because something can’t be viewed. An ultrasound/MRI may be more appropriate initially, but too expensive and maybe not in nice guidelines. Good luck hopefully it’ll all be ok and over for us both soon Xx